No sense putting yourself in harm's way without being compensated, right?

I have a dinky little econobox so I can often find a place to shoehorn myself in. I will then text the pax as soon as I’m stopped informing him/her of my precarious situation. After 60 seconds of waiting I start the trip. If pax still not there after another minute I typically leave and let the trip continue to run until the pax cancels it. And since they cancel the trip, they can’t ding your driver rating and you still collect the cancellation fee. You win!

I throw on my flashers and wait. I also make sure to make eye contact with all the pissed off drivers who pass me. I flash them a big goofy @@@@@@ed looking smile, that helps me pass the time while I wait for the ******* passenger to eventually show up.

But the thing to remember with parking tickets is that they’re not moving violations. Ergo, no points are assessed against your license. And as long as you don’t make a habit of getting parking tickets, you really don’t have to pay them. In my 30+ years of driving I’ve probably collected a couple dozen parking tickets. I have never paid a single one.

Are you kidding? Really ? What city are you in.? We should Not stop & wait for anyone where it is illegal, dangerous etc sure if they are ready that’s OK but if they make you wait even 2 seconds find a safe spot to park (text them & where your parked) & wait not 2 Seconds more than you have to before you cancel & get your cancellation fee. Which is double the minimum in Boston no miles & no bad rating either

Instead of canceling, you’re better off starting the trip and having the pax cancel it. You’ll collect more and the pax won’t be able to rate you on a canceled trip. That way, you (the driver) don’t take the hit on your acceptance rate.

If you fail to pay parking tickets in CA you may find the fines and added penalties waiting for you when it’s time to renew your car registration. This might depend on the jurisdiction where the citation was issued and how diligent they are in tracking and collecting on tickets.

Had a guy standing on west Century about a 1/4 mile before airport, standing right on the side of the busy street, we made eye contact, I hit cancel and keep right on going, don’t understand people it says no stopping all along that street, a burger king or Jack in the box like 100 feet to his west, to hard to walk to it and request a uber.

I don’t live in CA but I have collected a few parking tickets in that state. It didn’t seem worth my while to do anything other than to wad them up and pitch them into the nearest recycle bin. They are recyclable, right? I wouldn’t want to get fined to tossing something non-recyclable in the recycle bin.

Yeah, if you make a habit of collecting parking tickets and not paying, you’ll get bumped. But if you’re collecting one every couple of years, what’s the point in paying it?

When in doubt, act like a @@@@@@! No idea why, but ROFLMAO!

Going to have to try this goofball smile thing.

I CALL ahead as I can’t read or send texts while I’m dealing with downtown Chicago (and I wish riders would understand this common sense - I get one glimpse of a 3 line text message with instructions there and it’s an immediate cancel and on to the next)…ask them EXACTLY where they are and tell them you’re pulling up now etc once their location is confirmed. If they don’t understand this concept, it’s in your best interest not to deal with them…too many other rides.

So, running the meter with no pax in the car is called ghost riding? That’s good. I’m glad I know now. I will always ghost ride rather than cancel. Let the pax cancel. After all, the pax created the problem, so the pax can solve the problem. And the bottom line is - we must always be compensated for our time. I suppose that’s the consultant in me.

Let them hash it out with Uber Customer Support and prove they weren’t in the car when they decided to: do some additional shopping, get that guys phone number before leaving the bar and have one last grope or kiss, hail the cab that just passed their drunk ass while you were waiting and calling them right across the street, overdose, get “stuck on the elevator”, “putting my shoes on now”, change their mind, “the waiter hasn’t brought our check yet, be right out”, commit suicide…or whatever else.

I had a group of idiots waiting in the center median of a busy street and it was more people than fit in my car so as I got to them I waved and kept going.

On the flipside I HATE when I’m on two lane Street or a street with low traffic and have my blinkers on and idiots make a big deal and honk or stop behind me like they didn’t see my ****ing blinkers 50 yards away and can’t go the **** around.

Keep in mind they are somehow able to cancel a trip in progress. I’ve had it happen. Use your best judgement. If you want to ghost ride them to the destination that was entered and you’re going that way anyway, slow night, etc…do it. But at least take them on a long enough trip to make it profitable for your time, expense.