No offense to the older people

It shocks me that 80% of Uber drivers are over 60 as I’ve had exactly one older man as a driver when riding, and never seen one driving as a driver. So I question that number. But many of them do not have the smartphone skills to be a driver and some not even enough to be a rider. Unfortunate, because many retirees like to do some kind of work, on their own terms, and Uber is exactly that.

Not to mention some of the older folks just might like driving around because it keeps them occupied and they get to meet new people while making a little extra money.

My mother is 75 and she uses her smartphone to text, take pictures and use GPS while she’s out hiking with her dog. No offense, but I’m guessing you’re younger.

Well, with over 700 rides, it appears you have a full plate. I am curious though. Is cooking meth what they consider a “work at home fulltime” job in Polk County?

Uber knows well who to target. For example younger people will quit driving for uber in heart beat if they don’t make what they thought they were going to make( $150 - 200 a day as uber claim ). As for an older person around mid 60s . Quitting is really not option for them( that SS check is not enough). The reason I said better planning is that a person shouldn’t be depend on SS income only when retires. A uber driver is at most risk than a cab, with way less pay not worth the risk for older person.

Not even close…( you should Google mate, there’s a lot of good jobs you can do from home). I work 4 days then off 3. I go to school then do uber on those 3 days off. Why you get offended? Are you in your mid 60s? Most of the 700 rides counts have a lot of cancelled trips as I sometimes accepted the pings then changed my mind driving 10 minutes to pick up a pax. Pax usually cancel if they noticed I don’t moved for 3 minutes.

What’s your viewpoint on mandatory vasectomies and tubes tied? Do you think that irresponsible parenthood is a major factor of the downfall in this country? This does border on the line of Communism. Just my opinion.

Hey now I medically retired from military 12 years ago…then got bored started driving a cab never looked back and I’m 42 yrs old…so put that in your pipe and smoke it not all “retired” people are old I know I’m not…

The of course you have the ones who had a good plan, had money put away…then something happens. Heck I’m not even to that age yet and I can relate. I had a plan, had it working, everything going well with the job and the plan. Then I got sick and went off work for a few months.

Retirement is expensive. So is golf and travel and many hobbies. And property taxes don’t care about your age. Retired people work for some extra income to pay for those things … Then they don’t have to touch the nest egg. Or, their self centered children have found a way to raid the nest egg. And some just like to work … Volunteering does not always give the same satisfaction … if there are volunteer opportunities that match the potential volunteer.

I was going to answer but realized that I have nothing good to say… except, like the housing market crash, and the great recession, SHIT HAPPENS!

People kept saying “maybe they need something to do”. Well, what did they do before uber came around? My point is if someone in mid 60"s have to drive uber to kill time or make extra cash. They didn’t plan their future well, plain and sample.

I’m 62, still act like i’m 32, opted to take my SS early, because frankly I don’t think in 5 more years there will be SS. I had my fun, and still do, just cant spend as much $$ as I used to.

I’m 22 working at home and about to graduate college. I do this to make extra cash because most of my money from the the job I have going to my IRA account. My point is anyone that plan a good future would not be driving for uber for .65 cent.

what really threw me for a loop was that my social security benefit would have been about $700 and my municipal pension is about $300, so I thought that I would have a guaranteed monthly income of $1000 - at least until the whole system went to hell. I own my modest condo outright, and my favorite trip is to the library, altho this year I did buy a large tablet and I do read a lot of e-books.

I suspect you are also living in mom’s house while she travels. Little time left? Kid, you do realize that at age 62 a person has only lived 66-75% of their lifespan? As much as 30 years left, (until Hillary condemns old people to an early death.)