No more "No show" fee

I think that Uber needs a consistent policy on this, so that passengers know when they will be charged and drivers know when they will receive the fee.

This is a half a$$ed middling ground, apparently the passengers really don’t want to pay it and Uber is sympathetic to their plight because some passengers think they are being taken advantage of and Uber will lose good will.

Yep - happened to me. Last night, I had 3 no-shows, and they didn’t show up on my fares. It’s think it’s crap. If Uber is going to pull this stunt, then I’ll wait 1 min. and take off. To heck with waiting 5 minutes.

I’ve had 6 this week. I’ve gotten paid for 3 of them now. Inot several of my emails I get the "we are aware of the problem " statement. If this happens I’ll be leaving at 3 minutes as 90% of passengers who aren’t there at 3 minutes don’t show at all

They’re probably doing it on purpose, hoping we won’t notice (or complain). It’s all about the pax and to heck with the drivers. Uber needs to start treating their drivers better! Without US, there IS no Uber.

Maybe uber figures this is the only way they can actually make a profit.By stealing from the drivers. It really is a shame.Because all they have to do is raise their rates and they’ll make more money.But not according to their philosophy.

Lower rates means pax who are lax (hey that rhymed!) and who will be ‘no shows’ and have a general “not give a damn” attitude. Uber should RAISE the rates slightly. Not only would pax still use Uber, but it sure as hell would make us drivers happier. And I believe we’d get a better quality of pax, too.

I noticed my cancellations weren’t showing up in my trip history and contacted the company about it. I got a reply that they were aware of a “Global technical problem” that was affecting us. They paid me for the first one I complained about but they owe me for three more.

If Uber drops the cancellation fees, then I won’t wait for pax. I will cancel the ride after 1 min. The pax better have their asses at the curb waiting.

I contacted Uber on Saturday Night about missing cancellations… They just finally contacted me back and asked me to provide the specific details about each trip… Like I remember that now? Alls I know is I had atleast 3 No-Show cancellations on Friday and Saturday and not one showing in my Trip History… Why they gotta act ignorant of the issue now?

When I thought I couldn’t lose any more respect for the company, they manage to 1-up themselves…

I think a screenshot of the trip before the cancellation shouldn’t be necessary but now is. They credited me two cancellations from Friday night. I had text messages with the times indicated and locations saved in google maps, so that helped, but the trips just disappeared which was a little unnerving.

I had a PAX yesterday get in my car and get out within 3 minutes after arguing w/ someone. I had already hit begin trip so i wasnt able to cancel, so i hit end trip. Uber quickly (within 10 minutes) refunded their money for trip never starting saying I should have cancelled.

Uber just brought cancel fees back into my market a couple months ago, after cancelling them a year or so ago. Late night drunk student pickups make for 15-20% no show rate.

I had this happen me this weekend, same guy actually. Waited over 5 mins, called and texted him and got nothing. So cancelled and drove off, but got the request from same guy and same thing happened.

This happened to me 3 times over the weekend. When I complained the first time they said that I have been paid the correct amount and there were no missing cancellations. When I complain the second time saying that I was concerned about the fact that there was no record of her there being any ride and then I did in fact have 3 cancellations where I waited over 7 minutes they relented and paid me my $11.

Yes they should, which tells me they had an app glitch and not a nefarious purpose behind it. If they were going to simply stop paying cancellation fees the trip history wouldn’t disappear like that. Here’s to hoping anyway.

What if instead of paying the $5 after the first five mins, they paid $1 per minute starting at minute 6? I’d wait longer, that’s for sure. You’d get the $5 after 10 mins but then you could get $10 for 15 mins. That might make me wait 15 mins.