No more multiple stops

I had a pax who told me that she needed to make four stops and then be driven back home (where I picked her up). I explained that I would only wait five minutes at a stop. She told me that wouldn’t be a problem. Well, it WAS a problem (for me…not for her). At the first stop we made, she picked up beer and smokes. This took a bit over five minutes, but not enough for me to end the trip. We then went to the second stop, and she left the beer and smokes inside my car while she tried to get a check cashed. TWELVE minutes later, she returned to my car. I would have canceled the trip, but she had left the beer and smokes in my car…what was I to do with them? I thought seriously about leaving them on the sidewalk…but couldn’t bring myself to do so.

Lol, how long have you been ubering? No way I would accept this. I’d have her crap out on the sidewalk and gone at 5 minutes.

That’s patience! FOUR stops? and she was upfront about it. give that to her. accepting the ride at that point, all this is ON YOU and you alone. lesson learned for $6.83.

Not to be an a$$, but this is why pax continue to pull this crap on drivers. cos if one driver won’t do it, they know there’s another driver down the street who probably will.

I hate when they try to anchor you in. I make it a point that if I do stop, which is rare unless it’s select, I tell them to take everything with them because I will leave at the 5 minute mark. Lately I’ll just say “I don’t make stops as we don’t get paid to wait” if they offer a tip, I’ll say that’s fine for X minutes but I do need the cash up front. If they don’t offer to tip, then I insist that I cannot wait.

I agree 100%, and you’re not an ass for telling me so. It’s just that I’m only now realizing exactly how things work with Uber / Lyft pax, and I’m “thinking out loud,” sharing my pain, and trying to warn others not to make the same mistakes that I’ve made.

Have you had the “oops I canceled midway to my destination while on surge to try to request on non surge but it was totally an accident and I’m not a cheap arse hole” pax yet?

Wow! four stops? At least the PAX was upfront about her intentions. I would have told her to request another driver. Every now and then I’ll get a PAX who wants to make a stop or two. I tell them that once the trip has started, we have a mutual business agreement from pick-up to the final destination. No multiple, off route stops. I refuse to be an errand-jockey.

The best way to deal with this is end the trip and took off. I have done 4 time and still have good rating. The rider need to learn the lesson.

I had a $20 run the other day and the guy wanted to stop for smokes. It took 4 minutes and he tipped $10. Rare for sure but he was a nice dude. Had some drunk college kids request Taco Bell the same night. Sorry guys, no drive thru in the Uber.

It won’t help. Uber will hire the uneducated, desparate and non violent criminals to bridge gaps while they undercut the uneducated, desparate and non violent criminals with their autonomous fleet.

Keep in mind that they don’t count ratings against you when you are on a ride that has a surge. This means that if they pull this on you, you immediately kick them out and don’t worry about the 1 star counting against you.

It’s Uber’s fault really. The wait time/per minute charge is way too low. Here cabs get about $4 per 10 minutes. Even that is low but Uber should at least match that. Drivers need to be compensated for their time.

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That’s not true. What Uber actually says is that they will take into account ratings tgat are given during surge. But that’s only at the point that you’re deactivated and have to go beg for your job back. THEN they’ll look at the bad ratings and MAY decide to give you some more time to bring your rating up.

Wrong. Someone posted a screenshot before of a CSR specifically stating that ratings during surge don’t count against you, which makes sense because how many people are going to give you a good accurate rating when they’re paying 3x the normal rate ?

I have only seen one screen shot of a CSR responding to this issue and that is not how they worded it. It’s like the “up to” ads for uber. Post it if it actually says what you’re saying.

While most of what Uber comes up with now is always worse, it’s not 100% of the time, more like 90% of the time. Clearly the people making changes to the app and service have never driven a mile in their life. If the people at Uber were smart they would make sure the people making the changes to the service and app were forced to drive X amount of days so they know what works and what doesn’t.

That’s not always true. I had a ride with big surge $12+, passenger gave 1* and it brought my rating down. Also, customer got refund for 5-6 pmile ride.