No more drinking in my car

At first I was pretty lax with drinking in my car. But after one pretty bad smell that ruined my night - had to charge cleaning fee and couldn’t drive with IPA smell the rest of the night. I have asked that nobody drink in the car. Nobody has faught me on it. Anyone allow drinking in their car? I’ve only had one person eat in my car and they promised they wouldn’t make a mess and they didn’t.

I guess Uber doesn’t qualify as a taxi in the eyes of the California law. What if you have a TCP permit though? I think that would qualify you to allow drinking

I don’t mind. It’s legal here in TN as long as the driver is at 0.00. Most don’t ask or bother. However if they are already trashed I tell them it’s a no go.

That’s smart, the idea of buying 50cent waters for my customers to take a sip out of and trash my earnings doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve only had 1 rider ask for water- I could tell someone had spoiled them. They gave me a lousy rating but I saw it coming and gave them the true two.

I do not allow any open beverages in my car. I am becoming very strict about open water open juice open any type of food or beverage inside the cabin of my car.

I just LOVE when pax bring up that some other driver gave them a bunch of free shit and made the rest of us look bad, if I wasn’t struggling to pay rent every month Id give them handouts too

most people dont expect you to give them anything because there just looking for a ride to point a to point B its only worth it to offer water or something if there going long distance if there only going like 5-10 minutes away not really worth it they wouldnt prob even care or ask if the ride is that short

I’m seriously stunned and flabbergasted as a citizen of the State of Texas to hear people openly accepting riders with open containers. Even if it were legal, I would never knowingly accept this liability, particularly with the chance of needing a good cleaning in the event of a spill.

I don’t allow morning commuters to take their coffees into the back seat. I had a girl get in with some kind of yoghurt in a cup one morning. “That’s my breakfast!”, she said as I took the offending item from her.

If I see it, I always tell them to get rid of it. However, I have had a few sneak them in and I learned of it either during or at the end of the ride. In which case, if a single drop is left in my car… I don’t care if it is on rubber mats, I report the mess to Uber with photos and get paid… Hopefully the $50 or so they are charged will help them make better decisions in the future.

I’ve decided to allow beverages in my car. However, there is a covenant: I am the only allowed to consume beverages in my car. I didn’t want to implement a strict NO BEVERAGES policy as that would have been draconian. I think I’ve come up with a pretty decent compromise.

I just requested uber ban a rider who decided it would be fun to sneak alcohol in her purse after I told her no booze 3 times. Pulled out her bottle and took a swig in the back seat, she and her 3 friends found themselves standing on the street corner. Zero Tolerance

I am lean and clean when I drive. I love to have a good micro brew, but only at home, or with a Uber/Lyft or designated driver. Too much to loose. I am not sure I could afford a DUI in California. With lawyers and fines I hear it is close to $6k.

I couldn’t make much money if I didn’t take intoxicated PAX. That is pretty much why half the folks I have picked up have the Uber app for. For sure most people after 8:00PM have alcohol on their breath.

But you have to admit, sometimes it feels pretty good abruptly pulling over to the curb, turning around to face the backseat with flashlight in hand and announcing, “This ride is over. Please exit my car immediately.”

Had a college student in mid day who silently ate her Chinese left overs on her way to Uni. She didnt leave a single grain of rice in my car, so i gave her 5 stars. Even if there were few rice drops on the floor, i would still give her 5 stars. She was one of those kids that worked her ass off to get in to Uni with no parents checkbook that pay for $100 sushi lunches.