No more cut rates

There’s always a critical mass. Uber knows the trajectory for their churn. They’ve got the data in reams, they know when people come in, run around for endless base fare rates, and churn back out because of economic hardship when their vehicle needs something more than they can afford. I’m betting we’re not going to see another fare cut again because they know how close this scheme is to having the wheels come off (literally).

I’d expect to see another fare cut come January. Uber thinks it increases demand. Travis is an idiot.

Absolute corruption. Uber takes care of uber. While screwing the people who really make it work. The average Uber consumer saw absolutely no savings at all. Yet uber LIED about lower rates increasing trips. They should budget as much advertising to consumers as they do to recruiting drivers.

Rates were $1.10 a mile. Then they reduced it to $0.64. Now it’s $0.95. Pretty much nobody drove unless it surged. You’d turn on the pax app and it would just say no cars available.

I applied as a taxi driver yesterday. Had a long talk with the owners of the taxi service and they told me that when Uber reduced the rates their taxi business increased to the point were they couldn’t handle the volume.

That kind of move would increase revenues to Uber, without raising the overall cost to the patrons. Its a smart move on their part, if they have plenty enough partners out there and an actual fare decrease wouldn’t generate more business.

As long as there are a sufficient number of people out there willing to drive for 64 cents, it isn’t a problem for Uber- they don’t have any fuel/maintenance/wear-and-tear expenses to deal with in keeping cars on the road.

I saw through the gilded turd. Was in LA from 1969 to early 1980, went to Boston for 4 years. When I returned to LA at the end of High School in 1984, the New Wave haircuts and boys wearing capris made me vomit. The 20 month experience was so bad, I bottomed out on cocaine, got clean, then moved back to Boston.

The 70s were a fun time in LA. My youthful escapades ended when I stood in front a judge and was told to chose prison or the military.

Why even drive for Uber and get ripped off?.. go drive for that taxi company and see what a true professional driver SHOULD make on each trip

Neither can I, southern California is very expensive and I don’t think the income of Uber partners would be enough to really cover the costs of moving there. Moving to an inexpensive metropolis like Youngstown- where the median household income is 23k- to Uber would make a lot more sense.

A final roll of the dice, perhaps? Having failed to get rich quick elsewhere.
Or if “it never rains in California”, there’s a saving on wiper blades, for starters.

The rate in LA is what, 90 cents a mile and 15 cents a minute? so the partners get paid 67 1/2 cents and 11 1/4 cents? I can’t see the money in it and to go all the way to LA to receive it?

Sorry but I didn’the record the conversation. It was not unusual during that time to not have any Uber drivers on the road so his story is quite plausible.

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