No making out in my car

I had a male rider say he was going to masturbate in my van, on my first night driving. Even though I am also male I could have him arrested for lewdness if he did. On my second night the guy was fingering the girl in the back seat under her skirt. I didn’t see any genitals so I couldn’t report lewdness, but it was lewd. Consider that being female if they are doing this they are doing it to shock or stimulate you, which is illegal just like the pervert who whips it out.

Almost always people making out are drunks. And I feel a lot more comfortable with drunks who are making out than drunks who are angry or fighting.

I had a couple getting hot and heavy once and I could tell the guy was pushing the girl into some kinda tom foolery. They asked me if the cameras were real and if they were on.

Uber PRIVATE coming soon to your city, pay a flat fee of $8.00 and you will get 15 minutes of privacy behind sliding curtains. Your choice parked or cruising. Tissue, condoms, and lube will be provided free of charge by drivers.

So you always get your passangers in the back seat get their seatbelts on? How do you manage to get that done? None of the passengers who sit in the back seat of my car ever wear seatbelts!!!

I didn’t find this to be a problem when I was cab driving, a stern demeanor was enough to discourage most disrespect and keep passengers on their best behavior. A sign, I don’t think, would help.

Tell 'em anything that goes on inside your car can be recorded by you. You also retain distribution rights to any vision of cornstalks being ground, hedges trimmed or mammaries massaged!

It occurs to me that it’d be quite humorous to pull your phone out of the cradle, fire up the video, and start filming the backseat goings-on. When they notice and get all pissy, simply say, “Hey, you started it, not me.”

Even posting a notice about my dashcam got me 1-star ratings. So yes, you can post such a sign… but you’ll regret it. In California it’s not required for me to post a sign as long as it’s video-only (no audio) so I took the sign down. Ratings went back up.

When passengers hint at it, I say the same thing as I have said during my cab driving years. It’s Vegas, why not? I have had several couples attempt to expand their families during my time as a Yellow cab driver. Makes the job more interesting.

Here in OZ, just like voting in an election, it’s compulsory for ALL pax to wear belts. If caught by police driver loses points for each pax without a belt plus fine, and if pax has a driver’s license they too are fined. If pax under 16 is without a belt, driver gets multiple fines and demerit points

Yes, if your rating drops to deactivation level. Of coarse you can 1 star riders for this. You can also email Uber and ask not to be matched with their future requests.

Man I thought I had bad passengers sometimes. Lol As far as the dashcam…I think the people that want to have sex in an Uber or Lyft could care less about it being recorded. In fact, it might make it even harder for them to resist. Voyeurs do not care about cameras

i wouldn’t put up a sign. Said it is illegal to have 4 in back. I hate when they make out. If it gets really distracting then I tell them it is while i’m driving. I usually drive faster or do really sharp turns and sudden stops to make them stop. lol what really makes them stop is say that you are lost or is this the street to turn. that gets their attention.

You didn’t have to take him his phone. The lesson to be learned here is when someone leaves an item in your car, particularly a phone, throw it out the window. Uber / Lyft policy states that drivers are not responsible for items left in vehicles.

Ah, Yoyodyne. I see you are literate! Maybe we can get into mail delivery. Even beyond ethical considerations, you don’t want somebody’s property. A wallet left behind could be a police setup too, not worth the risk. This has only happened to me once and the easiest way to deal with it was to go back down the block and drop it off.