No judgement post

No judgment post
I understand some ppl do rely on instant pay for different reasons because I’ve definitely been there. The question is are you actively trying to better your situation??? Do you realize that it is in fact a problem??? Rideshare is supposed to be a stepping stone imo but we’ve went from working pay check to pay check to working from ride to ride. It’s a real problem and people have to take steps to better there financial situation. Someone I don’t even particularly care for gave me some solid advice. He told me anyone can better their situation if they live for 2 years without wasting money on frivolous shit. I’m still in the midst of those two years and I can see a drastic difference in my financial situation. I’m no remotely close to being where I want to financially but no one should depend on anyone or anything as much as some ppl depend on instant pay… learn from this and use it to your advantage to better your situation.

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I different tidbits of wisdom and the whole lot of truth in this post… Many people should read It twice if not more. That’s the dang truth

Real talk bruh, I drive full time because my kidneys failed and I can’t do anything else… I’ve never been a sit around and wait for a check type dude. Granted I got others things in the works, you don’t know everybody story or reasoning…

It’s not just a matter of relying on the payout all the time. Some people likely had issues where this is the weekend they needed the money out sooner than later. I had an issue once where I didnt cash out all week and then when I went to cash out to put gas in the car, I couldn’t. The pay wouldnt come in for 3 days and yes that was a difficult time. I ended up deciding to cash out everyday because of that bs. I ended up going back to my regular habit but still.

Mind your business. This may be their beginning of those two years. Every person’s situation is different. You’re ASSuming they’re wasting money. :speaking_head: You don’t know their situation. Because they need their money daily means they don’t eat at home? You’re not even worth the going back and forth :joy::joy:. Have a good one love.

Yeah but anyone can cut our spending money on bs you don’t need.
Eating out etc. Doesn’t matter anyone situation. It’s way cheaper to eat at home

this statement is fact what has irked me about this whole ordeal is how so many have interjected on a situation that does not concern them because they have no need to cash out…however I really wonder how this will affect them if something malfunctions on Wednesday and there is no direct deposit into their account. THE NEXT THING I WONDER is how will it affect them if the malfunction last over two weeks…how prepared are they for that situation…truth is we ALL are driving for some form of survival weather its immediate or long term so keep your advice because it does not resolve the issue at hand!

o should I apologize for trying to encourage others with the same words that encouraged me and telling the truth? If the shoe don’t fit don’t wear it.

Nobody asked for your post. A lot of people KNOW this. If you have no connection with them, it comes off as shaming.
Words of encouragement to keep grinding vs “You need to make better decisions” isn’t a good comment.

Although this is sound advice, most people don’t want to receive it. It’s either not their situation or they are going to keep doing what they’re doing.

I’ve fallen on hard times and don’t take offense to what you’re saying simply because I’m aware of the problem and the decisions that led to those times.

Most of us are mentally lazy when it comes to changing away from convenience. So…I get it

if that principal alone be put in practice many would have better lives! But whats shocks me in this place that they take any suggestions for a remedy as a slap in the face!!

Could Be the wrong forum you’re giving advice to. Jesus had to leave his own hometown (Nazareth) because the people there didn’t believe in Him. This may even be the wrong forum for mentioning Jesus if one doesn’t believe . I’m just saying .

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You sound like u judging to me… But we all have a right to their own opinion… However, this company been doing shady stuff for awhile. The way everyone refers to Uber
… they don’t have a Finance problem…they just don’t Respact us Foot Soldiers…so l going g to weed myself away from this company.

This takes away from those who are trying to do better and rely on instant pay because they work a full time job and need the constant flow not because they’re bad with finances but bc they live in a city where rent is outrageous, pay is stagnant and they do this bc they have to.

Also let’s not act as of Uberhas not shorted us before or been shady with pay and how we get paid.

you’re doing the right thing. Stay on point. I started driving Uber/Lyft when I was really down and needed any cash to bring home the bacon. I went from driving to renting 1 car; 2, 3, 4, and now have a fleet of cars, helping drivers get back on their feet. Once I became financially free, I started into another venture, trading forex. This was a stepping stone and a very helpful one. Best of luck. You may feel like you’re throwing pearls to pigs, but if you inspire just one driver to bank on him/herself, you’ve done good!

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Look…l used to work for a Airline…made Good Pay checks…but one day l went to work & ended up in Hospital ICU…had a stroke. I could of died,but didn’t. Yet Doc said l couldn’t do that type of work… Switched to a diff division,less physical but start having Migraines…Doc said l was threatening 2nd one. Uber is the only job I could find where what l start feeling Yucky…l can just go home. & Instant pay was a Perk… This Co is mentioned do much on movies etc…Uber Makes Plenty$$…that they Don’t have to SHIT ON US FOOT SOLDIERS…They refuse to takkSo Thank God for this Group that we Can SHSRE ARE UPS & DOWNS…Now if u are BLESSED that u found your way to Financial Bliss…well Rah Rah for You …But l will Not Be STEREOTYPED…Poor Idiot Depending On Instant Pay…You Sir Can KISS MY GRITS !!

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People never want to address the real issue…the problem is not being able to cash out or receive their instant pay everyday. The problem is there is a steady increase of inflation but no real increase in wages along with the technical problems that Uber is having. Now we can all say that yeah we make money but when you need oil changes every month, increased insurance to be able to securely cover your vehicle and other problems that go along with maintaining your vehicle plus paying bills. We cannot just except the fact that Uber is having all these issues with pay but have no problem at all sending out those trips. Yes it does pay all of my bills but it’s easier for me to drive than go to a job and wait two weeks for a pay check another issue is Uber is not having a problem receiving their money from these passengers. But we are suppose to have a business model to follow when alot of us are in debt have bad credit paying off homes and student loans. And after all of that, that frivolous spending just maybe for food or meds or clothing or just wanting to treat yourself sometime. Such a perfect world that we live in. All the perfect people raise your hand.

This is good advice. However, it shouldn’t matter to anyone why another person might be upset about not getting their money. It shouldn’t matter to anyone on here if their trying to better themselves. Because you don’t know them, they don’t know you. For me personally, i would say its no one’s business. And I’m coming from a place of struggle day in and day out, to a place now where im living great. I picked myself up, got my shit together and became successful. And STILL it’s no one’s business. And STILL if i worked for something and something is stopping me from getting ahead, I’m going to be hella pissed about it. There’s never ending to success so I want my money to keep pushing, keep growing, keep banking. Some people are in really messed up positions and need their pay so of course their going to vent. But still, that’s no one’s business. Like I said, the advice is great. But some people are dealing with serious issues that dont necessarily spend frivolously. And their are people that are still building. Their might be someone busting their ass for that money to put all their income in and close on their first house. Assuming people that are upset about instant pay because their life isnt together (it’s subliminally said all through this post) it’s judgemental in itself. If they worked for it, they’re entitled to complain about it and it’s no one’s business what they’re situation is.

As I sat and thought about this situation with Uber and how ABC portrayed us “Drivers” was alarming to me, as if we hadn’t stated hundreds of times that we were more concerned with our calculated earnings per trip showing than actually cashing out, for most not all, because you always have an exception, an emergency, hence why we have emergency rooms. But to place blame on the drivers for wanting to hold this 70 billion dollar company accountable to there drivers is “Deplorable”. in a crisis people don’t care

In a crisis no one is concerned about your opinions of their frugality but what Uber and ABC, should have done was not try to shame the drivers as if we were outraged about not being able to cash out , when the majority was concerned with not being able to visually see their calculated earnings per trip. Just a little advice Cori Davis in the midst of a crisis no one is concerned about your perception of there financial frugalness, I’m a finance major so I get what your saying and it’s some truth to it, but my friend it’s just bad timing. If you truly care deliver the message in good times and maybe start by asking “ Want to better your financial life, ask me how” :woman_shrugging:t4: maybe less will take offense​:grin:

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