No idea why my rating keeps dropping

First week I drove I was 4.8something then it dropped to 4.6something. I have no idea what happened. Made no major mistakes but clearly got 1 or 2 low ratings. Rating worked it’s way back up and now after 409 rides it doesn’t matter much what any one rider does. It’s solidly 4.87-4.89.

Just relax and drive in good conditions as much as possible. If anything goes wrong (Even traffic that you can’t avoid) it is ALWAYS taken out on you by some pax. Others are very forgiving and will brush off even major **** knowing they could easily do it too.

I have a pretty good Navigation in the VW myself, but I gave up on it because of the extra time it takes to get moving. Give the Uber/Google maps a shot…it works 99% of thetime for me except when it tells me to make illegal u-turns.

I understand with the snow. I’m from northwest illinois and I feel comfortable in the snow. I drove all of the weekday storms we had here in Norfolk and it paid off, giving me enough $$$ to take a Saturday off.

Agree with the response above that you should never apologize or offer to end the trip. Stay calm, maintain composure and keep it moving. The way she talked at the end of the trip lends me to believe she wasn’t the negative rater.

Also you’ll never really know who rates you negatively…no need to dwell on it. I had a bad weekend after the second snowstorm, 4.39 or something but I cleared $620 after Uber cut… Overall I’m still a 4.81, caused a .04 drop.

I’ll add my me too! Obviously get to know the area as well as possible but you can’t remember the entire city. With that said, **** happens, minimize and move on! If you are doing well, ratings will work themselves out as you get more rides under your belt.

You should drive during good conditions and visibility. Get your rating up early in the game when you have few rides under your belt and don’t concentrate on the money until later.

I have 1240 rides and a 4.74 and I can tell you that it is a struggle to bring up your ratings, as well as down, after the ride count is high. I only drive in daylight and try to avoid areas where I have had bad experiences. When the day is done, it seems like all went well, but the rating does not budge.

I run 2 phones to pick up other pax addresses or interim stop location directions. If pax wants to make an interim stop they either have to give directions to the, in this case CVS, they want or you have to hunt it down in the nav app to see which one they want, which is still a pain. I’ve even had them direct to the nearest 7-11 and sometimes there are 2 7-11’s within a very short distance of each others and I’ll pick the one I want, which is almost always the wrong one.

Also when exiting from a parking lot it is sometimes helpful to close down the nav app, open the Uber app again and hit nav again to relaunch and realign the nav app with your car as the nav apps tend to go screwy once you go off street and stop, turn in parking lots, etc. Do this just before getting back on the main street to realign the nav app. Again a bit cumbersome but keeps you from making the wrong turns out of parking lots when you’re in a strange area.

I have found that my ratings always drop during bad weather! I had a 1 day rating of 4.0 last weekend. It rained all weekend. same thing happened during the last snow storm. I think PAX are just rating the whole ride (weather included). Right now I am at about 200 rides so the needle doesn’t move much in total. Still irritating to see those low 1 or 7 day ratings.

I don’t see that anyone else mentioned this, but I’d say the first problem is the passenger was a 4.5. It doesn’t seem like the ride went all that poorly, considering. Some people don’t like to stop and wait at drugstores, etc., but if it’s quick it’s okay. Especially when you can tell they really need it and are not just getting cigarettes or something.

We all make mistakes on the road. The average driver makes a mistake every couple of miles. So don’t be too hard on yourself there, just continue to be cautious, you did well, all things considered. I’d say it worked out for you.

You’re over thinking this. I mean who hasn’t been confused by a one way and driven down a little bit. No matter the nice verbal exchanges at the end, she’s gonna give you a low rating and you should have rated her below low for exposing you to the flu. Live and learn but get over this one quick.

When you F up a ride, don’t make a big deal about it to the pax. No profuse apologizing or anything like that.

A few weeks ago I was going down a one way street. I came to a four way intersection. I could not go straight ahead as that was a no entry; another one way street whose traffic flow was against me. So I had to turn either left or right, but I didn’t know this; the No Entry sign was stuck 30 feet in the air on a pole next to the traffic light. Who knows what genius in Traffic decided to put it there.