No 1099-K nor 1099-MISC

Hello everyone! I’m new to ride-sharing. For tax filing purposes, both UBER and Lyft told me I didn’t earn enough from either platform to receive 1099 forms. Instead, each provided 2019 summaries, which detailed my earnings, fees, etc. Which is fine, I now have the info to file taxes.

But this lack of 1099 got me wondering… I have another 1099-MISC from another endeavor and it clearly states that that info is provided to IRS.

But if neither UBER nor Lyft provide 1099’s, only a summary, (which isn’t an official tax document) then how do those ride-share companies report my earnings to IRS? Thanks!

Bump. Any thoughts?

Regardless of 1099, you still have to report the income. Use the tax summaries from Uber & Lyft.

Employees have a lot of questions about Uber. Only they know how they conduct tax reporting. Very often, they cannot provide the employee with some basic documents. If I were you, I would think very carefully about whether it is worth working at all under such conditions. Still, problems with the law due to taxes are very unpleasant and fraught with consequences. Well, if you still prefer to work for such dubious employers, then still fix your income yourself and once a year, for example, contact File 1099 Online | The Best 1099 Generator In USA for the necessary documents.