No 1099-K nor 1099-MISC

Hello everyone! I’m new to ride-sharing. For tax filing purposes, both UBER and Lyft told me I didn’t earn enough from either platform to receive 1099 forms. Instead, each provided 2019 summaries, which detailed my earnings, fees, etc. Which is fine, I now have the info to file taxes.

But this lack of 1099 got me wondering… I have another 1099-MISC from another endeavor and it clearly states that that info is provided to IRS.

But if neither UBER nor Lyft provide 1099’s, only a summary, (which isn’t an official tax document) then how do those ride-share companies report my earnings to IRS? Thanks!

Bump. Any thoughts?

Regardless of 1099, you still have to report the income. Use the tax summaries from Uber & Lyft.