Newbee here and am learning

Having been on the other side of the table, a user of cabs, limos, etc, I always tipped and added extra for the loading and unloading of bags. As a driver, it does annoy me just a bit when I load and unload several heavy bags with no help only to get a thank you. If the home office were to make it clear that tips are it in the fare and would be greatly appreciated by those drivers who give good service, it would be a positive start. Or, let’s do like the airlines, start charging extra for bags.

Yes you hit the nail on the head claim buster. The new carrot 4 pax should be 50% off rides for not tipping and a referral bonus for getting there other cheapass friends to do it.

Tips Tips Tips. It’s only an issue because Uber is setting the rates. Fix that and nobody will care what Uber says or doesn’t say about gratuities. The market will determine the rates. It’s none of Uber’s business. Looks like more lawsuits are needed. This one got sold on the cheap.

There are guidelines about “tipping out” to busboy etc. in the law. However, owners and management cannot be a part of it. They don’t get any of your tips.

That’s part of what the original lawsuit about tipping was built on. They couldn’t say tipping was included unless they could show what portion was a tip. Since their percentage was being taken from the entire fare, none of it could be shiwn to be a tip. They HAVE to give you 100% of that.

Uber says no way no tip option. That is what they have told the driver but if pax start getting hit with bad ratings the PEOPLE could demand it… Be hard for Uber to say not to the paying pax. Have already starting seeing articles about you better tip your driver

Am I alone in not understanding why your “not supposed” to tip your Uber driver? Why is it not considered customary? In just over 100 rides I have gotten about 5 tips. Even if it’s just a couple or 3 dollars, it would really add up and make those 2.20 rides not as annoying.

I agree but I have driven some pretty ripe folks around and you complete the ride and they look at you all dumb founded and hurry out your nice car avoiding eye contact and go about there merry way liked you owed them. Very unpleasant experience. Just keep that up and there will be nothing but 1* rides and I never want to see them again!!!

Since uber lied and says tips were included in the fare, it would have been nice if they followed the pattern of (pizza) delivery service…they add $2-4 tip now. Most aren’t aware of this and still tip on tap of that.

Yes I know! I can remember talking with the parents of the kids who told them the tip was included and not to worry about it. How embarrassing To explain (begging) how that’s not true and were misinformed.

With Lyft we get 100% of our tips. Back in the days I was in the hospitality industry, I always got 100% of my tips whether paid in cash or credit card. We prefer cash bc we have to declare our tips at the end of the night.

Never had I share a tip with cooks. They are paid much better (I used to work both front and back of the house). Yes we shared out tips with busboys. Without them we would have to bus our own tables making it challenging to also provide good service. So the busboys helped increase our tips and productivity and turnaround.

Depends on the market. I make a killing on tips with uber. Never less than $5, often $10, sometimes $20-25 and once a $50. All that on UberX except the $50 was on select. Lyft on the other hand I average $2 and the occasional $5.

No they don’t. They add a delivery fee. The driver gets usually a small mileage allowance for gas, but NOT the entire fee. The mileage varies by company and stire, but it doesn’t EVEN cover gas in many cases.

The truth is that the “working class” is considered undesirable, and lower than just about everyone other than junkies and homeless (we don’t treat our disabled very well either). Most of our population would respect a guy who sells drugs more than they would respect a guy who worked 2 jobs such as Uber and Walmart.