New Uber driver

Starting keeping track of my payments from Uber. Almost half of them are less than 50% of the total fare. I was told Uber would take ‘about’ 25%. HALF is not anywhere near 25%. I called and complained about it and ‘support’ gave me doublespeak about technology and service fees and more jibber-jabber that made no sense at all.

We, and you guys and gals out there have to keep complaining if anything is to change. Go on as many forums as you can. Call your local govt representative and tell them Uber is getting filthy rich and cheating drivers out of a fair share of rider payments. Tell your Uber friends to do the same. Keep calling ‘support’ and ask why they re taking so much money. Email them, call them, go to Greenlight Hub if there is one near you whenever you can with copies of you ride details.