New to Uber eats DoorDash

Hey there!

I’m new to Uber eats I’ve been doing deliveries for about 5 days now around central PA (harrisburg,hershey etc).

I haven’t had a single promotion come up. Sometimes in the menu it will say it has new info but it’s always empty when I open it. This seems odd to me as I’ve talked to many others who do have promotions.

Also when I get the card in the mail should I activate it? From what I can find online most people think it causes more issues but most of the info I found was a year or more older. Did they fix the issues from that time?

One last thing. I often drive between large strips of restaurants to try and get orders to pop (when I finish one I just go to the nearest cluster). However these past two days I’ve noticed large gaps in time between orders. Would there be a reason for this? I have cancelled a few orders they were for legitimate reasons, 2 of them were because the store was closed and 1 because of a very long wait time. Also 1 I did take by accident and cancel right away.

I have turned down a lot of orders. Main reason being they either take me to the outskirts of the county where there is nothing to pick up close by after delivery (talking like 10-15 minute drives). Also there are a lot of multi order fast food offers for like 5 6 7 dollars that I am not interested in because the food is never ready.

I have been using DoorDash as well and honestly I like it a lot more. It’s very smooth and keeps me moving. However I see a lot of potential in driving for uber eats in my area.

Any general advice/tips are appreciated.


There are lot of variables when it comes to orders. It all depends on the area, timing, day, season, or any special event going on. So you have to figure it out yourself. It’s kind of hit and trial type job.

Some days you get overwhelmed with jobs, and then there are days where you’ll be sitting idle for hours.

IMO lunch and dinner are the best time for orders regardless of what area you drive in.