New to Lyft and need some tips

Hello everyone I’m new to Lyft and I’m just in need of some really good tips because I’m out here for like 5 to 6 hours a day riding around trying to get rides wasting gas and only making like 200 out of working 5 days no stopping straight I need some really good tips where to go where to pick up how do I make money help please

Airport is always hot. The airport terminals are color coded. North is Blue and South is Red. The South Terminal is the Delta Hub then you have the International terminal which is at a different address behind the North and South

When you go to the airport are you letting the GPS direct you to the Rideshare RAA? When you have your app open, do you press the airplane icon on the screen to get directions to the RAA? Well that’s how you get a ride from the airport.

First tip, ignore the smart asses who are sure to troll ya post. I been doing Uber 3 weeks and up to $500 week. Weekends, surge and nights work for me. Idk but that strategy works

I alternate between Lyft and Uber. One or the other usually Pays more. Which ever pays more that’s my buddy for the day. Driving both gives more opportunity to always have a ride.

YouTube videos and you can search my full name on here and see videos I’ve posted as well. Go to YouTube and watch a few Atlanta Rideshare videos and do keyword searches in this group for whatever goal you’re trying to accomplish.

Thanks for using Lyft Line. Here is how Line works.

You may be sharing your ride with up to 3 other passengers. Their pick up and drop off may add significant time to your trip.

  1. You only have 90 seconds to enter the car once your driver arrives. If you have a gate, please be out front of leasing office

  2. No stops. Lyft Line does not allow any pick ups or stops along the route.

  3. 1 bag/luggage per rider.

  4. No route changes. Must travel route provided by Lyft.

  5. Passengers must be dropped off in order provided by the app.

  6. No minors are allowed on Lyft line unless accompanied with an adult (this includes high school students)

If you chose Lyft Line in error and do not wish to share your car with total strangers or going to work, please cancel and request a standard Lyft by clicking on the white car. Thank you

These instructions cannot be overly stressed to the rider. I became very stressed with Line/Pool a long time ago. The only summer money your gonna make is weekends or events, otherwise, it’s slow

Lyft is better during events and holidays because of the surges, but Uber is better for just day to day. I also signed up for Uber Eats in between rides and now I make about $20 an hour with Uber. That’s not true at all lol. Might be called something different, but it shows you the areas where the prices are higher. And on New Years Eve it specifically said rides were 3x or 5x their normal rates in certain areas.

first of all Lyft doesn’t display its surges with 3x or 5x. So, you must be confused uber does. And uber went to those levels. Lyft has both primetime and heat maps at the moment. Since the release of heat maps there are no surges and if so its an extra $1-10 in your pocket.

Uber consistently has surges during every commuting time frame, event and holiday. Submit some screenshots of lyft surges and we can talk until then don’t advise someone incorrectly.

Lyft is a supplement to uber on slow days. End of story. Been driving since August 2016 and any real full time driver will agree.

Okay, again when you learn how to discuss the surges for each company then you can talk.
Displayed two ways:
Lyft 75%-250% primetime
Lyft heat maps purple zone and pink zone with $ amounts increasing as time passes while you are in those zones.

You stay with lyft keep working 2x as long for the same money I make on uber in 1/2 the time.

so literally what you’re arguing is semantics when the FIRST THING I SAID was “idk what it’s called for Lyft.” FOH, you’re arguing a moot point. They both have times when they are charging more, and during holidays and events the pay is better on Lyft. The end.

uber actually pays more percentage wise than lyft and again their surges during events are better. The demand is higher spending less time waiting in between trips. But go head honey you stay with lyft better for me :grin:

Ps any real driver on each platform knows the terminology.

Haha like you know why I drive… first of all I make 900-1000 a week so while you try to downgrade me and act like this isn’t a real profession I’m doing pretty damn good. That’s accounting for gas btw. Furthermore, you just offended way more than just myself as there are plenty of full time drivers in here boo boo.

I also am working on my masters so when I start making 100K a year because of the field I choose to go into remember you still drive for vacations.

I have a flexible schedule to spend time with my family, friends, and on homework.

Mostly concerned about your “driving around” remark. Break that up with staying parked near high-traffic, busy areas, MARTA train stations, etc., for awhile. Drink yourself a QT fountain drink and wait on a ping that way instead of driving aimlessly.
As you mentioned: that’s wasting gasoline.

The best place to make a lot of money is the Bluff in Atlanta… Great people and they love uber and lyft drivers… If they see u sittin in your car they’ll bring u coffee and they’ll even wash your car for free… Just go post up in the bluff all day… You’ll make good money…

Lyft Primetime is generally higher than Uber surge. They just don’t offer it a lot like they used to. When faced with two rides at the same time, I’m almost always going to pick Lyft.

Stop driving around wasting gas. After you finish a ride, find somewhere close to park and wait on your next ride, within a .5 to one mile radius of where you dropped off at.

Here is a breakdown on Surge in comparison to Primetime:

1.5X = 50% Primetime
2.0X = 100% Primetime
2.5X = 150% Primetime
3.0X = 200% Primetime
3.5X = 250% Primetime

And so on. I’ve seen Primetime as high as 1000% and it was at 650% just this past week. Uber got as high as 4.2 for the same event.

Pop quiz: Which is higher? A 4.2X ride or a 400% Primetime?

This is why it is important to run both apps. Stop worrying about who is “better” and go with whichever one pings first or has a higher multiplier.

Try Door Dash. You make more money with them that Uber Eats. They will let you work in the area you want. Overall, Uber is better than Lyft with consistent work. Whenever there are events, I never go to those areas immediately because their is a traffic bottle neck. You can’t make money sitting in traffic. I always show up an hour after an event. Stay away from the areas where you are just making $3.75 a ride. You have to work too hard and too long. During the week, I do airport runs. Friday and Saturday nights I do Buckhead, Brookhaven, Virginia-Highlands, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs. You can get a lot of rides in West Cobb. They don’t run that many buses over there.

I drive out in canton/acworth/Woodstock area and because there are so few drivers I get a lot pings and long rides since everything is far away. Also night driving is best anyday of the week and the MARTA train stations are great spots to park at.

I ve also have a question, i picked up a pax, 3 trips with this one ride, pax said they paid 40 for this ride, my fare was only 7.80 for this 3 way trip, i put more gas in my tank than that, what s wrong wirh this picture