New & Pre-Owned Vehicle Solutions - Financing Solutions

Hello Ridesharingforum Community

We are Allied Automotive of New Jersey. We joined this forum because we have been becoming increasingly involved with Uber and Lyft drivers as we have numerous solutions for New Vehicles, Pre–Owned Vehicles and Auto Financing. We belong to one of the largest and most respected dealer groups in the country and have access to more than 5,000 New and Pre-Owned Cars, Vans, SUV’s and Trucks

Our rideshare customer base had been growing at a steady pace and consists of:

  • Experienced Uber and Lyft Drivers
  • Part-time Uber and Lyft Drivers
  • New Uber and Lyft Drivers

College Students working Part-time as Uber and Lyft Drivers

We are honored to join this forum and offer our products and services to the members of this community.

We can help members with acquiring the right vehicles at the best possible prices.

Being experienced and with the highest level of expertise in the automotive industry we also offer, without cost, any advice and answers to questions about vehicle ownership etc. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to address any and all concerns here on this forum platform, email or by phone.


  • For New Vehicles we offer the best possible pricing for all makes and models.
  • For Pre- Owned Vehicles we stock hundreds of Quality Cars, Vans, SUV’s and Trucks.


We offer some of the best New and Pre-Owned Leasing Packages available in the industry

Auto financing for individuals of all levels including

  • First time buyers
  • Ex-Pats (Foreigners)
  • Students

Some of our financing solutions are available to individuals with:

  • No cosigner
  • No credit history
  • No Social Security number

Read more about all of our products and services by visiting our website directly: Allied Automotive