New driver, just started

New driver. Just started last night. Couple
Questions. Is it okay to ask for 5 stars. Currently I have no rating. Does that limit the amount of rides I will get. Also what can I do to get more rides. I’m in a smaller town and all the rides are like 1 or 1.5 miles. Is there anything I can do to get rides quicker.

Don’t ask for 5 stars. Pax are petty and will give you a 1 star just for asking. Everyone starts with a 5 star rating, even if you haven’t been rated yet. If you live in such a small town, I really hope you are only doing this part time. If you live less than 30 minutes from a bigger town, I would drive there instead

i am in Boise so it’s not small but I grew up in San Francisco so small compared to that. I just noticed last night that the rides are short so hoping that there is a way to get my ride count up.

It’ll take a few days online to get your ratings to pop up. Not every rider completes the ratings.

I only ever mention ratings when I’ve had a really great time and awesome banter with the rider(s). Most of the time, my statement to “you’re awesome” is basically “thanks so much! Don’t forget to leave a rating then!!”

Find a group in your area. Just search “Über Driver Boise”. There’s no way anything I tell you in Detroit is gonna help you in Idaho. The local groups are best for area specifics like that.

Idrive in a college town be careful dont expect tips from them. and secondly dont let them try and pack more than you have seats for they love to pull that you will get a ticket and you will be responsible for paying.

well once they are back its confusing to try and find them in the dark especially if you dont know where they are. I have several colleges in my town so it doesn’t hurt and not everyone goes home I found alot of foreign students stay thru the holidays

Make sure your tips button is in the on position. I’ve never heard of that. Do you have a link from Uber that says that? Ok then don’t worry about it- it’s on and you don’t ever want to touch it

take this however you want it, follow the alcohol, follow the crowd, find where other drivers are at stay away from them and stay always closer to the busiest places. :slight_smile:

dont waste your gas driving around too much park. move around when you see your not getting pings or there’re to many drivers around you. but just dont drive aimlessly

depends on where I am at: if I need to move is because I only want to make pick ups in certain locations meaning I already know I would get ping so it is easier and more effective for me to move where I will be closer to the rider. Reasons for me to stay on the move is too many drivers around me but not enough riders. Once I find a honey hole, I generally come back to it. If I know the area too well then I usually have a zone that I just park and will get ping within 10 mins.

Different areas and different days, different times, require different strategies but you need to have a strategy. If you drive around without a strategy you will end up broke and not making money.

So basically download the Uber rider app and look where all the other cars are. Don’t be just another cow in the herd. Move away a little and that will help you get rides that the others are to far from. Accept all rides right now to get your numbers and ratings up. Keep your car clean, like you could eat off it. No one wants to be in anyones nasty car that looks like and smells like they are living in it. If you drive early mornings stay around the neighborhoods from 3 am-7 am. You will catch the people going to the airport on early bird flights and people going to work and the girl that slept over last night needs to hurry up and get out before he sees her without makeup. If you drive the lunch hour- stay by the business district for pickups from around 10-12. Dinner- Neighborhoods then to the restaurants and bars. Be around durning bar close at 2am and if you can stick around til 3-4 am the bartenders will need a ride home too.

you said … “the girl that slept over last night needs to hurry up and get out before he sees her without makeup” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: that and because no one likes that walk of shame dressed all up in your barely there clothes when the sun is just coming up. So the girl better catch that next uber ASAP​:eyes::crazy_face:

I never stay for the walk of shames I leave them for the morning crew poor gals. :joy::joy::joy: i giggle to much i stay long enough for the bartenders on the early bars and the late closing bars patrons then I’m out off to bed.

I cant do the 2am stuff anymore. I was beat by 11 on Saturday and went home. I know I won’t make a ton of money but I’m not trying to make a living. Just buy some toys here and there

I don’t, but I have no problem when a driver says “if you enjoyed your experience please consider rating me 5 stars. It really helps me out.”

What I don’t like is when they just say “rate me 5 stars” under the presumption that I even want to give them 5 stars.

I’d give you a 1 star for professionalism if you were my driver. Just provide good service, don’t talk too much unless they are engaging a conversation, use turn signals and don’t brake too hard.

If i was there, I would drive the 30 mins to Boise just to be busier if your hometown isnt producing enough revenue. Probably worth it :slight_smile: