Never speed because till you to

It’s your ticket an points on ur license. Not worth whatever the amount your gonna make. You don’t have to end trip. But just tell them, you don’t feel comfortable in speeding an ask them if they’d like you to drop them off so they can request another driver. But id say I’ll do my best to get you there safe an in a timely manor. They sux for even asking you to speed. They should have left earlier if they wanted to be there sooner. That’s not your fault

Well, I explain that I have to follow the rules and if I get a ticket, they wont pay for me. Explain the situation to Lyft/Uber they can cancel the rting of this ride.

Pull into nearest gas station, end trip. Ask them to leave car. My car goes the speed limit. Get a different driver. 1 star. Report immediately to UBER.
drive on.

At the time when you accepted the ping, didn’t your GPS say there’s delays along the way and ETA would be 20 minutes? If I were you, I’d have cancelled at that point, as 20 minutes for pick up wouldn’t be worth it.

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The pax had no intention of giving a tip. I normally speed, I’m not going to do something for a pax that’s going to be my problem, speeding, drinking, smoking, child seat, anything. I’m in the never end the trip early camp unless you are threatened or the pax is going to lose his lunch.

You reserve the right to pull the car over to a safe place,like a gas station, put it in park, and ask the rider to exit. Other drivers have also suggested turning off the car and getting out, which helps the passenger realize the trip is over and nothing they say will change that.

I’m a guy and I’m the same way as you. I’d rather just deal with the situation then to create more prb buy pulling over an throwing them out. Like I said. I wouldn’t have pulled over but I would have said I can’t speed but I’ll get you there as quick and as safe as I can.

Well I wasn’t talking to you. And why do you respond to anything I write just to be condescending. it seems your the only one responding to everything I write with a smart ass comment

I’ve had the ones that ask you to speed. If they’re persistant I ask them if they’re willing to pay the ticket and have the citation go on their own driving record… That usually does the trick. I’ve some (drunk) pax ask me to drive up on someones lawn and backyard, and etc and so on.

You did the right thing, hun. Personally, I woulda just told her that I have to keep to the speed limit and take her to the airport, like you did. No need to lose the fare to prove a point. It’s more of a hassle to drop her off in the middle of nowhere.

You’re in control of any situation. As soon as you say or do something that the pax doesn’t agree with, you lose that control. Someone upset, irritated, angry at you or life in general or drunk leads to a situation you can’t predict.

You pull over when you feel unsafe, not aggravated. It might be your car but the pax is the customer paying you and you are working for Travass, like the poor hospital guy. Get to the destination as soon as possible.

They should put it back based on your previous ratings and realize you were dealing with a problematic individual who is probably badgering someone else as I type until someone has enough and does something they will regret.

Who says he got deactivated? Uber merely says they are looking into the matter. They also said they have not been able to identify either driver or passenger.

I have completed 31 trips with Uber and have received 3 tips. 5,3 and 2 bucks. All 3 people who tipped were middle class. The rich pax have not tipped me at all. I can’t see any way to solicit tips from passengers without taking a ratings hit. Perhaps someone more experienced with Uber can offer some advice.