Never smoke in the car

Always stand outside with your back to the wind. Pop a couple tic tacs before each ride, and wash your hands frequently. Drink coffee. If anyone says anything, tell them the last pax was smoking right before they got in. Over 3,000 rides and I’ve only had a few say something about smelling smoke. Usually if I had one writhing 2-3 min of picking them up.

I smoked for 30 yrs and have quit now almost 5 years now. However I do use e-cigs. In your case, as I have riders who have the smell of smoke on them and it lingers in my car, I carry a can a Febreze in my car and spray when they leave the ride.

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Same goes for folks you have brought take home food from a restaurant and the food smells soooo good, but the next pax doesn’t want odors of any kind in your car. Febreze all the way is my recommendation.

Always smoke outside the car & have gum etc before picking up pax. I have some aftershave in console that I sometimes give a little squirt in the car before picking up pax.

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I stand outside car n use mints n hand sanitizer n cologne and if I got a complaint thought the same thing, blame on last passengers lol

You can’t get rid of the smoke smell, not in any reasonable amount of time, unless you want to have the car completely detailed. The obvious solution is not to smoke. Not in the car and not out of the car when you’re working, since people can smell the smoke on you and it turns them off.

You may not notice the smell because you’re used to it and because smoking has reduced your sense of smell. I used to work office jobs where people had to go outside to smoke. I could always tell when someone had taken a smoke break. Some of them seemed amazed I could tell, but when you smell like an ashtray, that’s the logical conclusion.

I smoke but when a smoker gets in the car I can definitely smell it. If you aren’t in a position to care and let the smoke blow on your clothes, hand and hair it sticks a lot more. You can mitigate it but the only real solution is to quit.

Don’t smoke in the car. It’s good to get out periodically and stretch the legs, anyway. Mints/gum, hand sanitizer and ozium.

Quit smoking and get a Vape/ecig. I haven’t smoked in over a year and I can smell cig smoke from a mile away. Smoke gets on your clothes and stays there until you do laundry. You can’t smell it because you are a smoker.

I smoked for many years and finally quit some time ago. I still like the smell of smoke when it’s wafting my way. But I definitely DO NOT like the smell of smoke on a person or in their clothing or in their car.

It just stinks. Many of the bar people I pick up have that odor and I can’t get them to their destination and out of the car fast enough.

I smoke a pack a day (in the car) front windows down I have a 2010 prius that still smells like brand new. I have a rating of 4.9 and have over than 500 rides under my belt. Never had a complaint unlike when I spray it before they get in the car some of them go like nice car is it brand new it smells very new lol.

If you don’t like that smoke smell dip a rag in gasoline and put it under your seat. Tell PAX you were filling up the car with gas when the nozzle flew out and nailed you with gas.

You can never get rid of the smoke smell since the smell hangs around quite longer. So, simply I use e-cigs with fruit flavours. The smell hangs around for a few secs and its less imposing.