Never had complaint about my playlists

Just curious. What kind of music do you all play when you got someone in the back?? Need some ideas. It’s too quiet in my car. Lol

Also I make playlists on nights of big concerts with that artist and other similar ones. 90% of the time pax will tip

Most of them prefer absolute silence cause they always busy with their phones texting or talking.
Nobody asked me for music only when i was driving at weekend nights and i quit weekend nights loooong time ago.

104.1 in mornings( thursdays roses are the best) and whatever after 11. Get the most “great music” from tune in radio from today’s hits

I accidentally had my workout mix on, and a really tame Linkin Park song was playing. This group of Norwegian people get in the car, and one guy says, “why are you listening to such angry music? What happened to you that you listen to this?” … I’m like, “ok. You tell me what to play since you are such an expert on music.” … he says, “I’m not an expert.”

So I play some annoying euro techno shit. He didn’t say a word.

Yeah: I thought it was a 20-something, but it was actually the boss of the people that got in the car (XL), which explains why no one said that he was being rude.

Dont know who yall picking up but me an my clients classic rock. Dean an roge in the am. Occasionally what u doing at the court house at n8ght xm radio

I like Sirius XM 52 Diplo but at times it gets too trap EDM otherwise it’s 53 turned down low.
By myself it’s politics, NPR or Marylin Manson. :grinning:

I have a few playlists on Spotify. One for driving during the day and one for driving at night. They both have songs that are popular and modest but also songs that I enjoy as well that aren’t so popular. My night playlist is mostly made up of club music though lol

Also I will make playlists on nights of big concerts with that artist and other similar ones. 90% of the time pax will tip you too

I created a Lyft Playlist… Typical pop earworm blah blah… But things I won’t kill someone hearing five times

You guys I had a request for 101.1. The passenger nearly had a damn concert in my backseat. Lmao
I have a amazon prime music :notes: so I play 80’s hits no commercial interruptions like free pandora or Spotify. And most riders like those time music like journeys

Smooth jazz. I tried playing my own but I don’t have clean music. Depending on the area I’m in, I can play my trap music. Lol or I’ll ask what radio station they like.

60s 70s & 80s hits
Happy station

adult pop for most like the Coldplay station on Pandora or Amazon Prime Music.

Regular pop/dance music for those in their 20s

Todays Hip hop and pop hits on pandora. Had alot of riders complain that other drivers have old and elevator music on

Whatever is on. I usually play my playlist in the background of the radio

my playlist has all types of genres.

Depends on the demographic of the passenger. If Young… hip hop. If mid age or older maybe I go to 95.7 or 104.4. If at night and I got some really youngsters then I pass the six or pass the play list on spotify . Either way I try to talk to work on that tip! :wink:

It all depends on the pax and the location I’m picking them up from. My Washington drunkies love the Migos, (I hate can’t stand them) Cardi B and other trap :ox::poop:. My Heights PAX seem to enjoy 80’s pop and old school hip hop (my personal favorite). My downtown pax seem to never really care what you are playing as long its not elevator music. My Montrose pax love Beyonce Radio on Pandora and my midtown pax are a mixture, they seem to like it all

I try to size their asses up when I see them walking towards the car on what I think they might listen to LOL surprisingly I’m usually right

Keep it on some easy listening like jazz or acoustic. Keep an earbud in your left ear to listen to a podcast or the music that you like.