Never, EVER judge a person on whether or not they might tip

Im stating the obvious for those of you that have driven for a while or have ever worked a tipping job before. This is for you noobs.

Treat ALL passengers the same.

I picked up a pax tonight. It was a14 minute ride. Long story short he was broke. He barely had money for the ride much less drinks at the club where his buddy was playing his 1st gig ever. He was going even though he couldn’t afford it to support his buddy. The ride was $5.71 (my take) and he tipped $5.

Recently I picked up a Pax for a 15 minute ride. He asked me to stop by a grocery store on the way. “I’ll tip you 2-3 times the cost of the ride”. Grrr the verbal fucking tip. I did it nonetheless and fell for it because I learned during the trip he was on the board of the Merc Mining Company. For those of you that don’t know they’re worth billions. He was only in the store for a few minutes, came back out and I dropped him off at his mansion. NO TIP.

Moral of the story? Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Wealthy people get wealthy by not giving a shit about others. Poor people go broke trying to help others.

Which one is rich?

Solid point but it’s not a rule just a common perception. I say this because I’ve worked with the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor. This includes the (was) richest man in the world Bill Gates.

SOME of the wealthy are like you and I, most are not. The ones that are, are rich. Many poor people are richer than the wealthy.

I can’t look for the photo now but a few years ago I took a picture of a blind man crossing the road. He crossed paths with a woman in a wheelchair. He stopped in his tracks and turned the other direction to help the woman in the wheelchair cross the road. I made a post about it and asked “Why does it seem people who have less tend to give more?”. To which my aunt replied, “because they know what it’s like”.

Omg you should read The Marque de Sade’s books…they’re a bit macabre but this is the point he tried to make lol

If you only provide good service because you expect a tip, you probably shouldn’t be in the service industry.

a common misconception is that we are in the service industry…we are not.

We are in the transportation industry.

People who are rich. They are so partially because they keep expenditures to a minimum meaning no tipping. Sounds dumb but it’s true.

I don’t think I have had 1 person follow through with the verbal tip. You know I’m even cool with no tip. Just don’t tell me you are and don’t. Some people suck.

Most of my Uber Eats clients never tip; you take their food to the door in the pouring rain and they do the “verbal tip” like you said. It definitely sucks big time!

Tipping via the EATS app is difficult! It’s not as straightforward as it is in the regular Uber app. They need to fix it.

I’m always surprised at some of the people who tip well, the ones I wouldn’t expect it from. I had one guy who was a wounded warrior. I picked him, his wife and kids up from the beach and took home. We talked the entire way about various things but he was on a cane and doing the best he could to make it. Super nice family. When I got them home he pulled out cash to tip and I refused to take it. It was a $20ish dollar ride but there’s no way I could take more of their money with 2 kids and knowing the situation.

My first pax was a long drive, almost an hour. He mentioned tipping me a few times. Still see no tip in the system :joy: I picked up a guy yesterday for a quick ride, because his car broke down and he had to get to work. I made $14 on the trip and he tipped $10.

I worked in the restaurant industry off and on for ten years, a solid eight actually working as a server, and I learned ANYTIME someone says, “oh, I will tip you well!” they do not. Ever. The people who will actually tip well are the ones who just appreciate the service and treat their server/bartender/driver with respect and dignity. Once anything comes out of someone’s mouth about a tip I completely disregard it. It won’t happen.

Honestly… I don’t think about the tip any way! I treat everyone the same with respect and kindness (unless they cross the line).

I agree with OP but last night I got the “verbal tip” and woke up this morning it was there…also got a 7$ tip from one delivery and a 3$ tip from another…guess it just depends…some ppl tip other don’t GAF…BTW I did all deliveries last night…

There’s always exceptions to the rules. All the more reason to just do a good job and treat everyone the same.

I picked up a guy for about a 5-mile trip to work. He sat in the seat behind me and didn’t say a word so I left him alone. When we got to the building he pointed towards where he wanted to go and as I got closer he tapped me on the shoulder to stop. I thanked him and later found out he gave me like a $5 tip. He never said a word the whole time and I was polite to him and it paid off.

Bs on rich people don’t tip. According to most drivers on this board nobody tips. I work in financial services and.most of you don’t know what a rich person looks like. Those that appear rich probably are broke. Rich people look like normal people. And for the record all classes of people tip and the same to the opposite. Stop with generalities

I tend to agree with most of what’s been said on here. In my Uber experience, the only rule I see play out is; the rides I felt the best about amd absolutely knew there would be a tip, nothing. The ones that were not very memorable (neither good or bad), ended up tipping. I can’t boil it down to class, race, type of work they do or even drunk vs sober. As long as my average remains around 30%-ish of total rides tipping, it’s always nice!