Never deprive yourself

Does anyone else ever wake up and think “Today I’m gonna treat myself to a nice sit down breakfast” then not go because places are so expensive and we would have to spend what we make in an entire hour +, so you just have toast at home?

Yes! I just spent $50 at Dennys. I worked until 4 a.m. and I was too tired to cook and had to feed my kid. I thought we were eating breakfast but he wanted a t-bone steak and french fries :wink:

That just sounds dumb, you are that money hungry you don’t treat yourself?

Not really money hungry sometimes you just want to save for more important things. I eat out all the time but, literally ate ramen for a month so I could pay 2 moths of rent at my new place. When I’m done moving I’m taking a week off!!! Now that is a treat :joy:

Hell no. I eat like a damn king! I have people that call me for suggestions on new places to eat

It’s a two fold loss. You could have made that $$ driving instead of sitting eating.

You Lyft drivers never take in the real/full/actual cost of anything! LOL

The breakfast club in Scottsdale is decent. But I’m sad they don’t have the Portobello Benedict anymore… You gotta eat stuff that was once breathing with a heartbeat. What a way to start the day. Death. Yum.

We work hard we are money makers we need to maintain our selfs in a good mood and health…

Then again this took less time to make than waiting in a drive through (pre-cooked lots of bacon in an oven and Frozen…)

Sometimes I feel that way! Just because I worked and I’m exhausted and don’t feel like spending money on something that disappears so fast. Other times I just say “fuck it”.

I try to go someplace different every day, I have even been thinking about starting up a you tube page rating restaurants.

I used but them I started to going to so many places that I got over it (real quick) :slight_smile:

This is the perfect job for a “foodie”

You’re not paid hourly. If you are clocking hourly wages, GO HOME!! I’ve done 100k as a truck driver many years. When I break it down to an hourly wage, it’s terribly low but IT’S THE NATURE OF THE BUSINESS.

I eat out or have it delivered in.
I love Cracker Barrel for breakfast or anytime… especially love their earrings, but that’s another story … I quit cooking when Richard died and I’m not going back.
I cook when I’m visiting my kids because they love my spaghetti sauce and homemade noodles. Otherwise, I’ve retired from cooking.

Yes but that’s at any job. Eating out is too expensive these days for any job i know lol

I live alone and most of the time anything I get will last me for 2 or 3 meals. So, I do that instead of buying groceries that just go to waste. I hate throwing out food.
I couldn’t buy groceries and eat out but in the long run this is cheaper for me.

Well, then. If I can look half as good as you, I’m gonna start eating 6 (SIX!) boiled eggs every morning! Yessir. :grimacing: