Nervous on my first trip

On my very 1st trip the GPS had me dropping off my pax in the middle of the street. The house was on the corner right next to the main street but the GPS didn’t tell me to turn in the neighborhood. Eventually found it, but it took a few extra minutes. The paxs were totally cool about it. I haven’t been driving long and have not had any bad pax yet but I am sure it is coming. I also haven’t worked past midnight yet so that might have something to do with it.

You gonna be more nervous when you realise how bad uber payment is… Dont expect to much… RIDERS WILL SEE YOU JUST AS A UBER DRIVER, YOU NEED TO SEE THEM (75%) JUST AS CHEAP AS$ RIDERS THAT WILL DEMAND HEAVEN FOR A FEW BUCKS

I think we were all nervous. I started during daytime after morning rush hour.
No bars,no drunks could see in the daytime. Being nervous is normal for your first day. I still remember my first trip and my first riders. You just have to get started. Then it will seem natural.

Air sick bags. Drunk passengers that start belching need to sit on the right side of the car so you can pull over and they can open the door to puke without fear of them being decapitated. If you’re the sort that is compassionate, a bottle or two of water, some saltines or Ritz crackers, and some mints for afterwards.

Don’t worry , relax and drive . Try when there is less traffic , maybe evening when people are more relaxed. Drive from your house to 10-15 miles away store with GPS to get used to GPS .

If your car has an available DC port, a cheap (I’m talking Family Dollar/Five Below/dollar store) iPhone Lightning and Android Micro USB charger that you won’t mind much if the pax steals it.

Don’t do nights (especially late nights) for the first couple or three days, til you get your feet wet. Relax. Be polite, drive safely. Don’t sweat it if someone gives you a shit rating your first day - it’ll be irrelevant after a short time.

Compassionate ? For what some freaking dum@$$ did to themself ???
Ha ! I would likely be compassionate over just about any other thing you could image… Before I would be over alcohol use ! I dont care that alcohol is legal. Impo, its the worst drug on the planet ! Stick to pot, its much safer.

Always ask the pax, “may I have your name please?” If you’re picking up at a really busy location like after a show or big games lets out, or at a popular bar and there’s a lot of people around. If they seem drunk or sketchy, after they confirm their name, ask them, “which driver are you waiting for?”

Keep records of your time spent driving (with passengers and without) for 3 weeks. Total all of your earnings (after Uber fees, gas, car cleaning, etc.), then divide the earnings by the number of hours you’ve worked. Then decide if it’s worth your time.

I was nervous when I started too. In fact, I waited 3 months after getting approved before I actually started driving. I regretted waiting so long, the first few times out was bad, I didn’t drive Downtown Atlanta before I started Ubering. After a few weeks of driving weekends, I was a pro. Eventually, you’ll have picked up from just about every restaurant/bar/hotel that you become familiar with where and how to find your pax easier.

Here is what you do, pick up the first pool, second pool, third pool , spent 24 minutes to pick up 3 pool for the price of one. Most Uber drivers is broke or no money because all the money come in from Uber is going back to the lease of the car or paying rental car.

Just relax and so it. Start days, be professional (I don’t offer the water or mints). Most are simply happy to get where they are going (unless I’m in an unusual market). I was very familiar with the town so I started doing nights after 2 days.

Honestly I have had nothing but positive experiences driving with the exception of maybe 5 people. I don’t drive after I’d night and I position myself in upper income areas when possible. I’ve never felt in danger and honestly I have done well for myself with the contacts I’ve made and some independent jobs for companies where I’ve been hired to drive their clients to meetings as such.

Tell your first passenger that they are your first passenger. Do that for your first 10 passengers. They’ll understand if you take a wrong turn. You’ll get a hang of it after your first 10 rides. Drive safe!

I’m in the same boat you are in; I have had nothing but good experiences driving with Uber. Because this is a small relatively safe city, I drive at night and all over the city. Even on weekends late when I’m moving drunks they are almost always pretty pleasant and give me no problems.

I was and still am nervous about it but I just told the first passengers they were my first and they were very cool about it. They engaged in conversation with me and it was very pleasant. My second passenger was for another country but he also was very polite and understood I was new.