Need some guidance about car insurance

Recently on a local social media page while trying to drum up business by giving out rider referral codes I got blasted by a couple of folks letting me know that if my car insurance company knew that I was a ride share driver that they would either cancel my policy or increase my premiums seriously. I’ve read the Uber and Lyft terms about this (my own policy first, then they pick up the rest after a deductible) but does anyone out there have any real-wold experience with this?

Yes, your insurance company can cancel your policy if you do not have rideshare insurance.

You need RideShare insurance. Your regular policy will not cover you adequatelyI’ve driven uber for a year,I do not have any insurance other than being covered by uber.

If your insurance company finds out and or you are in an accident run the risk of not being covered and cancelation.

If u have am accident and someone calls ur insurance and makes a statement. Mine is an extra 20 a month

There is a video in this link that explains about coverage. Might want to watch.

Because uber reports it to the federal government and credit reporting agencies on top of the amount of mileage you put on your car and , not least of all, you are in an uber group posting that you drive.

As a private contractor for Uber, you are a business owner. Time to start acting like one. Get rideshare insurance. You’ll be protecting yourself, as well as your passengers.

Call your insurance company and ask Mine told me I would be dropped in a heartbeat if doing rideshare. I had to get supplemental coverage

The peace of mind that I can’t be sued and lose my house is worth the extra cost. If you don’t have any assets then it’s a risk you can take.

I got a certified letter from GEICO saying that they were canceling my insurance because I was doing rideshare
I called them to remind them that I had recently purchased a rideshare policy from them

Look up “the rideshare guy rideshare insurance” on google… he breaks it down by company and state

I got in an accident a year ago. I used lyft insurance. I never provided my information. You are covered by the rideshare while you are online. If you get in an accident always say you gave someone a ride and leave it at that for the police report.

Lyft/uber doesn’t cover collision while in the gap, and neither will your personal policy. Not having rideshare insurance can potentially be very costly. Not worth the risk.