Need some advice...New to this Uber driving experience, maybe one week young to this

Last night was my first Friday night on the road. I pick up these kids, no older than 23 years old, a couple and the boyfriends brother, from what I gathered, from a bar. The ride should have been 10 minutes, but, as soon as I got on freeway, there was an accident that shut down all 4 lanes. As soon as we stop I notice the young lady in the back is crying, the guy is doing this “quiet yelling at her” and they start arguing about high school stuff, you know “you didn’t look for me when I came out of the bathroom” “you don’t care about me”, you know, the stuff we look back on as we grow older and think “was I like that?” So, it starts to progress, from loud to screaming. The interstate is still shut down, and then drunk brother starts getting involved screaming at the young lady. They’re both tag teaming on her screaming and telling her to shut when I finally got loud and made it known this would not be happening in my car, they needed to calm it or I would leave the guys and take the young lady home. The boyfriend starts getting an attitude with me, telling me to go ahead and call the cops, I told him I didn’t need a cop I would take care of it myself, I’m an ex-military cop, and that the cops would be the last worry but they were NOT going to treat this young lady like this and disrespect me, I would cancel the trip and take her home or somewhere safe. We finally start moving and I get them home. My issue, so I wanted to tell them to get out of my car on the freeway, but, I didn’t want problems with uber. I rated them a 1. If Uber were to get contacted, would they back me up? Would I be locked out or frozen? Did I handle his ok? I will NOT tolerate a lady being treated like this. Or anyone for that matter being bullied on. I pray she was ok after I dropped all of them off. I was able to record a small tidbit, of them but it’s “too large” to upload. Thanks for any advice.

Damn dude. That kind of stuff can happen, but on the first night is just rough. Stick to it; some passengers are really great. I think you handled it well, considering the circumstances, but i can’t answer your questions.

You handled it correctly, if you have to boot somebody out of your car do not do it on the freeway/ highway. Other than that good job.

Yep, you need to dump the idiots where they won’t wander out and mess up the grill of my car.

Chivalry lives.

Two years an Uber driver… you handled it well. Nothing more you could have done. Get the camera…

you have NO idea how hard it was for me not to drag his behind out and, well you know. I cannot begin to even fathom the thought of my own daughter being treated like that by her boyfriend. I’ll tell you, it’ll happen once and it’ll never happen again.

You handled it fine. Sadly it’s illegal to drop anyone off on the interstate… now as soon as you get off the off ramp… different story. Sry ya had to deal with that so early in this venture.

I would of done the same thing. Thank you Ruben for looking out for that young lady.

1st, NEVER touch a passenger, even if they are passed out. If they can’t get out on their own power, or refuse to get out. Pull the keys, put em in your pocket, call the man. 2 nd, you must put them in a location such as an open business. " Their safety" never put em out into a situation where they may get hurt.3rd, if it comes to hands on, that’s fine, but you better not be the first one to make physical contact. Civilian law enforcement is WAYYYY different than military.

You did fine but just so you know 95% of pax are great (at least for me). Just use your gut judgement and you’ll be fine