Need help on a market survey regarding Uber/Lyft's relationship with their drivers

Dear Uber/Lyft Drivers,

My name is Kevin. I am an undergrad working on a market research project regarding platform-based companies and their communication with their partners, in this case Uber/Lyft with their drivers. The survey is meant to explore into the relationship between Uber/Lyft and their drivers through communication methods. It would be extremely helpful if you can help me complete this short survey, it won’t take more than 2 min. Thank you very much!

Survey Link: Platform-Based Companies and Communication Survey

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Every person is different. So, why don’t you sign up for uber and write a report? If you want to drive I can train you. Are you scared to drive random people or think it is a job for low profile profile? What makes you think you need opinion and not instead work on it yourself?

Sure hand your data/opinions over to some anonymous person.

Survey completed