Need advice... please!

Need advice real quick was picking up a pax in a gated community upon entering there baracade fell down on my car(it was open when i went through it one of those little arm barricades)… Upon leaving their security made me stop to obtain my info it was a pure accident i even explained i didnt knw it had fallen. Long story short do i notify uber or my insurance???
The security lady was rude treated me as if i intentionally did it said they have video tape and asked exactly what address did i pick the pax up at.
The pax said it happens all the time not to worry but he was a college kid. Never had this happen and im panicking

No it is right off like nothing happened. But truthfully you really wanted that dent on the top of your roof

Left no dent or mark on my car the security officer was really really rude and treated me like I did it intentionally I was very apologetic even after advised her I didn’t know it fail she told me she tried to chase me down but when I pulled up and intially there was no one there the gate was just up

You know she was really mad she was a security guard. Top-flight security just like day day

If there is no damage then there is no reason to even get any insurance involved. But if there is damage, first you should have gotten a police report as soon as it happened… Uber has a $1000 deductable if you decide to go through them. If it was not your fault, you should be going after the communities insurance. But just so you know, if you go through Ubers insurance, they will most likely deactivate you as soon as you turn in the incident, until it is resolved. I had to go thru this mess once and Uber makes it so difficult to ise their insurance.

Uber’s insurnace does nothing until it hits $1,000 because of the deductible. They won’t tell you this until you spend hours submitting everything they want. Better off leaving it be and not risk a future claim being denied because of too many claims.

Don’t contact Uber or your insurance. Get an estimate from a high end auto body shop. Then file in small claims. The security monkey is probably angry because she’s been told not to let cars stay under their defective gate. And there is always an override switch, which set did not hit. This should be an easy $2,000 for you.

you are missing the point. They may try to charge you for damage to the gate. The gate may have malfunctioned. I’d say there is a very strong possibility that the management knows it, too. And so does the security guard. Go over there right now and take photos. Ask to see the safety override switch. Hell, ask for the maintenance records. Also, there should be an electric eye similar to what you see on garage doors to prevent what happened. Usually required by code or ordinance. Just asking questions and taking photos may get you a settlement on the spot.

I’m confused…the way you describe it… it sounds like you are the victim and they should be glad there was no damage to your car. My understanding is that Uber is secondary and only kicks in after your insurance and if you report it to your insurance and they find out you are with uber…immediate cancelation.l

I’d let it go unless they contact me. Last thing I’d want to do would be to tell Uber or my insurance. Not a bad idea to go back and take some photos of the gate; and if they ask what you are doing just say their gate fell on your car and you are just documenting the location in case you need to take further action. End of discussion, and gives them pause to push it back on you.

Don’t say anything to anyone. And if they try to come after you threaten to sue them for damages to your car by their faulty barricade arm. They have no idea if damage or Jr. to your car. Mention you have dash cam footage of the arm malfunctioning. And the lack of signage saying only one car or faulty barricade arm. They would be stupid to do anything after that

If their gate hit your car, its their problem… If there is a dent or scratch on your car, its their job to fix… If you ran the gate arm, then its your problem

No damage to my car just their gate. They have security cameras I did go bk and take pictures for my own files. Security claimed it is up to the homeowner association as to what happend from here. I did not contact my insurance or uber.

Leave it alone and wait to see if the security company contacts you and have them prove it was your fault. Do not contact anyone. Chances are you will never hear anything about it.

It was not me in the incident. But if there is no damage there is no reason to sue.

Sounds like you should be getting some money! I’d go after that community…

If you dont have rideshare insurance and you make an insurance claim you will be cancelled.I wouldnt mention anything to uber. If you do. They will deactivate you