Mystro App for Rideshare Drivers in a Few Words

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Most ride-share drivers tend to apply and work for more than one company daily to increase revenues by balancing lull and surge demands between the different companies. This balancing act or juggling between apps has always caused a few app and time management problems for drivers. Recently, Mystro came online and changed all of that. This article will review how Mystro works and why it is a much waited for a solution for the ride-share driving sector.


Mystro is the culmination of hands-on experience and research, developing a unique and focused application that provides a specific solution to a specific situation. As the Mystro website claims on its homepage "Created for drivers by a driver, Mystro is an app that makes on-demand drivers more money by allowing them to safely and easily drive for multiple on-demand platforms and never miss a trip they want." (

The history behind Mystro is no mystery; it is the brainchild of Herb Coakley, Mystro's CEO, had over 10,000 miles of hands-on driving with Uber and Lyft, and suffered the same issues that all ride-share drivers suffer when working for two different entities. The process of starting one app, logging on and then starting the second app and logging on, either on a smartphone or two mobile devices and remembering to juggle between them.

Mystro automates the whole process, and here is a step-by-step breakdown of how it works.

  1. Sign Up
    Goto, the Mystro site, sign up to one of their subscription plans (You didn't expect the full operation mode would be free, did you?)
    The Free Plan is for ten trips a week, which is good just to get a taste of what it does. A monthly $11.95/pm or a yearly $99.95/py subscription plan. Since Mystro is a business app, it is tax deductible.

  2. Register and confirm e-mail
    In this screen, you will give your basic info including name, e-mail address and reply to an e-mail sent for confirmation.

  3. Download
    Now you download the app onto your mobile device. It is only compatible with Android OS, so if you are an iPhone user, you will have to wait. They claim to be working on the iPhone app.

  4. Sign In
    Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to sign in using your username and password set in the registration process.

  5. Accessibility Settings
    The first thing you will do is go to the accessibility settings screen and turn it on.This will automate the Mystro app to access your incoming requests.

  6. Prefs Tab – Setting Primary App
    This means you will go to the Pref. tab and set the primary app Uber or Lyft and the secondary app. The primary app is the app that Mystro will open first when you start working and will then open the secondary app. The primary app stays on top as well.

  7. Working with Mystro
    After you have completed these steps, you are now ready to see Mystro in action.

Since Mystro automates the whole ride-share process, you have a hand's free situation at all times. This is useful when you are driving along and forgot to log in to one of the apps, Mystro has done it already, and now you just need to wait to get calls. The biggest change you will immediately feel is the time it takes to change between apps.


In busy times, Mystro does this automatically and allows you to choose your own estimated time of arrival (ETA). You can set the Mystro filter for ETA to 5 minutes, and this will filter out all the longer duration ETA's giving you only the quick pick-ups. Another filter option is the ride type; you can choose only UberX over Pool rides, in fact, you can filter out Pool rides completely. There is also a Passenger rating filter, so you can check that one out too and set you passengers to 4.6 and up. Although at night, when picking up the drunks, that option is not a great help.


One of Mystro's problem area is dealing with Quest and Boost Bonus rides. A quest boost requires you take all the fares it sends you so that Mystro would impede this, and you will need to choose either stopping Mystro during a Quest or Boost or ignoring the Quest/Boost and remaining with Mystro. Weighing the options is another balancing act since you have to decide which will be more profitable.

Mystro Referral

Mystro offers a referral bonus for every customer you send them that signs up for a monthly or annual program. The monthly sign up will get you $5 and the annual $25, so it's worthwhile promoting the app to all your friends in the ride-share scene.

There is a referral screen where you can see all the referral you have sent.

Mystro FAQ and Support

As with all new companies, their support and FAQ is growing with more experience. They have an extensive FAQ and help site, and they do accept and reply to direct e-mail to their address.


Mystro is a much waited for the app, and it won't be long before they have online competition. For now, they offer the only true multi-company solution, and since many drivers work for more than one company, reducing the login time, freeing the driver's mind and hands from dealing with multiple logins, logouts and app transfers is a great improvement.

As companies grow so do their basket of functions increase, Mystro has the edge in that it is now operational and was developed by a driver. The added functionality will be a natural by-product of constant use and feedback from users. The only issue fast-growing companies have is meeting demand for service. If they can continue to provide excellent support and continue to add new features on a quarterly basis, they will continue to hold the market.

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