My wife is literally my worst passenger

Complaining the entire time, telling me how unsafe I drive, and then she leaves more garbage for me to clean up than a whole weekend’s worth of paying pax… and I drive at night with drunks. Every time we go out I’m like “one star lady.”

It seems like we’ve married the same person. As a pax it wouldn’t bother me at all, but I can understand from an insurance point of view why uber wouldn’t be cool with a friend or significant other coming along for a ride.

I’m not that curious that I wanna go digging through the ToS, I was hoping someone could provide a direct quote.

I would have thought that the answer to such question would be so obvious that there would be no need to ask it. At least it would not be asked unless the poster is at best trollling and at worst … (difficult to finish the sentence without saying something very negative).

if I have it all wrong and you’re just paranoid that I could be someone who works at the uber posting this question. paranoi if I have it all wrong and you’re just paranoid that I could be someone who works at uber posting this question.

I can ‘one up’ you here. My wife backseat drives… from another car! No kidding. For scheduling reasons, we both had to drive to a family event. I was in front, & when I took a turn she didn’t like, she called me on the cell phone to complain!

iylts not a abig deal her not going. not all, i was just wanted to be 100% sure. i feel it would bore her, and i know it woukd be better for not to. i just wanted to make sure

I thought the whole point of Uber was to get away from the spouse! We’re certainly not out here for the money.

I drove passengers with my wife in the car frequently as I dropped her off at her work. I just called the pax to make sure they were cool with it. I checked though, and the practice was clearly against Uber’s regulations.

Ha… i love my wife, I even like her sometimes but… i cant tell you how many times Ive texted myself and then grabbed my phone and said oops got a ping gotta go, I didn’t even realize I was online…

Hey let me know if this was OK I need to take by 3 mth old baby on uber with me… Pax can play with him it be great

If I am alone after work and want to ride alone an order and pay for UBER X for the convenience of being alone and then you bring someone with you then I paid for a service I did not receive.

Sometimes we get caught up in the UBER is evil BS that we forget when we decide to accept a ride we have a service to provide. You don’t have to put up with bad passengers and passengers do not have to put up with bad drivers.

Sounds like his wife won’t let him do it unless she is there. Maybe jealous? Maybe worried he will cheat? Maybe wants to spend time with him?

I think the only way you could get away with that is if it were a line. I love my hubby,but Actually the time away from hubby and the kids. The silence inbetween pax is nice!