My view with a no tipping policy

I’m going to tell you a little story on and why the corporate view is against tipping and in this light I support it though you might not like it. African Americans often complain that yellow taxi never comes to their neighborhoods to serve them and I used to drive for yellow, and I had black cab driver friend who told me personally he wouldn’t even drive in his neighborhood and it’s not because of race it is because that some segments of society it is not in their custom to tip. and there are other groups of people that don’t tip either such as Australians the point is if you allow tipping then drivers get used to it and avoid those people who tend not to tip and is that good for business?

tip jars are for piano bars and lunch counters asking for tips in a taxi or ride share or Limo or anything like that is tacky it will always be tacky, and if you can’t see that, I can’t help you

Better yet, find a picture of a kid going through chemo, put a copy prominently on your dash. When customers ask, explain that your kid has cancer and you’re only Ubering to cover their medical bills.

Throw some dollars on your console-dash, candy’s bad for you. Throw some tipping conversation in (if PAX is talkative.) The old where you went for lunch/dinner (even if you didn’t…ok a small lie) and how great the service was so you tossed the server a few extra bucks…

Instead of a “tip” jar, put a sign on your jar that says “Complaints, $1 each” If they ask, “Write your complaint on a dollar bill and I’ll forward it to Uber for you, here’s a pen” It’s most definitely not a tip jar, can’t get in trouble for that.

Disagree. Sorry we aren’t always going to agree. My opinion, fishing for a tip is tacky. When the company says tipping isn’t required and you try a passive aggressive approach to get a tip, not cool

Passenger may be offended by it and end up taking it out on your rank

Just so you guy know Travis says a 20% tip is built into Screwbers pricing engine…what a joke, I must mist the tip line on my pay statement. I wonder why Screwber is then taking 20% of our 20%?

I don’t know how you know intimate details of Travis’ thought process, but to assume he is anti-tipping because he’s a rich a-hole is guesswork, unless you know him personally.

I prefer to assume he is trying to gain as much market share as he can, and telling riders that tips are not part of the Uber experience is just one of the ways he grows his market. Without customers there is no money for any of us.

The frequent tips are from those that can least afford it. I refuse tips from the handicapped, and they almost always offer. The day comes I take money from a blind man is the day I have to have a serious self appraisal.

Tips, if they were to add up to 20% of my Uber income, would not be enough to make the difference between continuing or finding an alternative for income. That decision is based on a much more serious lack of funding.

So now we going to start discriminating against blind people?? The last thing a disabled person needs, is more pity because of their disability. And if you dont take a tip from them, thats just plain rude.

If “some segments” of society don’t have it “in their custom” to tip then it is up to those “some segments” to change “their custom” and they won’t have a problem with poor or no service anymore.

There are two blind people in my pizza delivery area I’ve taken pizza to on several occasions. One is in his 40s and answers the door promptly and always tips $5. The other is in his 20s, likes to order pizza when he’s on his way home so that he’s often not ready or even there and tips NOTHING.

It’s surprising. Richest people often don’t tip. I posted about the jeweler who cussed me out over a $10 cancellation fee, after probably spending hundreds on wine and tapas. Middle aged, middle class people often tip the best, in my experience. Sometimes young people are very generous, too.