My two different rating

Ugh my rating on Lyft keeps dropping but my Uber rating went up. I am really at a loss. It hasn’t been this low in months. I have not had any passengers complain about my a/c, I provide water (not the fancy shit just Kroger Brand), mints, make sure the car is clean in between rides, and try to be extra nice to people. Two people even tipped me on Lyft yesterday too. Smh.

Same with me as well…My rating was at a 4.90 a month ago but now I’m at 4.83…I don’t do extras such as water and I’m not excessively nice but I do give efficient and speedy service…but I believe my 1 stars have come from minor mishaps that will happen while doing line rides or customers putting in the wrong pickup location…Only good thing is that it can change very fast because bad lyft customer ratings fall off after 100 rides

It worries me and I’m at 5.0 rating now ,just because I have friends who I know are great drivers and theirs get low…if you doing good and your ratings keep dropping it will lead TO deactivation , especially if its falling for no reason some people just worry more than others that’s all!:grin::grin::grin:

I have a 4.98 on Uber. I’ve gotten a few 1 star ratings on Lyft from passengers just trying to get a free ride. I’ve noticed a slight difference in the quality of customers between the 2 platforms.

hy do y’all care so much about ratings? If you aren’t in the borderline of the deactivation zone, then big deal. Do ratings pay your bills? Just keep hustling… Not saying you don’t have the right to. But it’s wasted energy that you’re spending on something rather meaningless.

Because we have the right to worry about them… bottom line…and we are continuing to work.
It may be for some and for some it may be a reflection moment where they may see a way to change it…whom are you to say? That’s your way and your way works for YOU

I had 4.92 2 weeks ago the next week I swear it was 4.72 I didn’t care what so ever. Apps don’t begin and end with Lyft and Uber. If I get deactivated it’s their loss. Low and behold I’m at 4.87 now. I don’t dwell on the system of ratings

I don’t think any of us are going to kill ourselves over it but it puzzles us when we go out our way to be as accommodating as possible and then your left wondering what happened when you see your ratings drop like that…I have did 3 more rides since this post

I use to be like that. I cared once…but these 2 companies don’t give a rats ass about the drivers. They can say they do til their blue in the face. I don’t trust em…at all. This ratings thing is to keep us nervous. Sorry I’m just not

Since your ratings are based on a moving average - the ratings that dropped off might be five stars while the ones that were added were not. That will drop your rating with a quickness.
They go up and down. it’s an average. get 1-2 bad ones in any 100, drags it down for a while. back to 4.9

People who take pride in what they do will always question their ratings. So I totally get some of the people in this thread. I was the same way. I value giving a quality ride and when my ratings didn’t reflect that it hurt my pride. I started not trusting passengers because I felt they’ll give me a bullshit rating.

Almost 7 thousand rides later I no longer give a fuck about ratings and don’t even look. I just keep doing what I’m doing and ultimately going for the goal of making money.

Unfortunately there is constant racism, pettiness and pompass arrogance out there that one pax will give a driver 4 stars for no reason. I was flagged 1 time for friendliness and I always greet, make small talk and if they don’t want to talk, I shut up.

So you let the guy going around the corner get four free bottles of water and he still gives you 3 stars cause they weren’t . I’ll stick with just good customer service. They still move fast as hell cold or hot, it’s quality

I don’t worry about ratings anymore I just Drive. Seems to be working and I don’t offer water and snacks. Phone charger and AC that’s it. Smh lol

still high in my opinion. I was thinking below 4.00. there’s nothing wrong for a 4 star drive lol.
I’m not feeling the app. I’ve been forced to cancel bc the uber app will tell me in 100ft away but 4 mins to pick up pax. or if I’m doing pool when the the GPS will stop working trying to get me to pick up the 2nd person… I give up lol

don’t worry about it some of these customers are bogus to be honest I got all 5s but I had one customer rate 3 star bc she put in the wrong address. Ratings also come into play when assigning ride requests… so the lower your rating is - the more likely you’re gonna get a shitty pax. Just a thought…