My streak in 5 star is broken

I have been shaking a whole 5 star rating for quite a long time. Today I noticed by and large evaluating is presently 4.93 due to having a 4.25 one-day rating yesterday. Of my 6 rides yesterday, I got a 4.25 rating. Is it conceivable one of my rides hasn’t evaluated me yet? I realize that no one is flawless and hoping to keep up an ideal 5 isn’t sensible, the majority of my 6 ride appeared to be exceptionally cheerful yesterday.

The way that you havent been evaluated by a client will have NO EFFECT on the bringing down of your general rating…Someone has given you under 5 stars or maybe its an acknowledgment of rides issue

I had an ideal 5 on Lyft for the initial 40 rides.

Presently at 4.8 and can’t climb any longer.

You ought to be extremely content with anything 4.8 or above.

Keep up the great job. It is practically difficult to keep an ideal rating. No blame of yours. A few people simply don’t comprehend the framework, commit errors, or are simply for the most part yanks regardless of how pleasant and cordial they appear.

at some point jerks discovers ur 5 gleaming at that point gave u with one only for entertainment only lol

at that point here comes uber after u report…

“alright we got it, presently stfu and continue onward” :confused:

I thought everything was fine on every one of the rides that day. I think it was most likely something I said in discussion. Did you talk much on any of the rides that day?

I think coming up next is valid, however perhaps others can fill me in regarding whether there is an issue with it… You can typically tell which ride it was that appraised you lower on the off chance that you observe nearly the following day (particularly on the off chance that you don’t do a few rides or very few the following day). Set cautions on your telephone to go off just before each ride amid the 24 hour time frame will drop off. Watch your rating after one drops off. You can normally decide whether that was the ride that had the lower rating. State like your 24 hour rating was 4.67, at that point it springs up to 5 after the 24 hours possesses past energy for that ride.

Try not to sweat it to much. You are clearly working to perfection. It’s the main organization on the planet that I am aware of where one can get not exactly positive surveys/criticism and NOT have any thought what the issues was. Awful framework.

I lost my ideal 5 for a ride a didn’t take… My mix-up spared the young lady a buck for the drop she declined to do herself and she got charged $4 for 30 minutes of my time and 13 miles of driving in traffic… She dropped the stick for a ride and afterward begun strolling figuring I ought to need to discover her… At that point she messages me it doesn’t mind, I am nearly there… Appraised me a 1 despite the fact that I messaged her back the I inadvertently begun excursion rather than drop and I would email Uber to settle the $4 charge… Presently I seek I get the additional buck after the drop and her rating gets erased from me. In any case, to be immaculate would be unthinkable, much like the drivers that won’t give a traveler a tip can’t get a 5 there are riders that won’t give a 5 except if they are gotten in a specific sort of car… Like “I possibly give 5 stars in the event that it is a German vehicle that lifts me up” or “I possibly give 5 stars in the event that I am grabbed by a half and half since I am so eco cognizant”. Sounds quite imbecilic yet is equivalent to “I possibly give travelers a 5 on the off chance that I get a tip despite the fact that I agreed to accept an application benefit that in the specific start said tipping isn’t essential and it is a cashless exchange”

grabbed a rider in the rich piece of SF (ya realize $5million homes zone) who was an aggregate ******* from the minute he got into my vehicle. Excessively requesting that I twist to his each will, kill my radio “I have to focus on my messages” So I turned it down and blurred the speakers to front as it were. He demanded we have finish quiet. We squabbled somewhat forward and backward and I disclosed to him i’ve never had such a jolt in my vehicle like you before(I don’t take ****, regard me I regard you is my saying) and he uncovers he works for our organization high up under our President. So normally his name is scorched in my mind I find him when I return home. That’s right he is a NYC 1%er they procured. So as a result of his conduct amid the whole ride. I don’t give a **** his identity. This regarding people as slaves I won’t endure. So know about who you get in SF they could very well be the President

Call me insane, yet on the off chance that a paying client needs the radio off, I simply turn it off.

What else did he request?

His truism “I have to focus on my messages” signifies a decent peaceful ride and we will both get 5 stars! No discussion required. whew!

There is a variety of the rating watch framework you portrayed.In the event that you truly are interested about your last move, when you return home set you PC 23:59 forward of your last demand time. Select the 1 day time frame and you should see just the one ride. You would then be able to begin rolling the clock back and rehashing the procedure. It isn’t immaculate. You may discover that nobody appraised you. Or then again, lets state the main rating you see is a “5” and it never shows signs of change after that. You won’t know whether simply that one rider appraised you a “5” or if everybody before that rider evaluated you a “5” or some place in the middle. It is somewhat of an agony, yet its the nearest you can get to making sense of what your individual rating are. Furthermore, recall, after you do this, reset the clock on your PC!