My smell removal process

Febreeze for the carpets. Baby wipes on seats, door panels, dashboard, and headliner. Invisible Glass and free newspaper ads for windows. Vacuum often, at least daily. Brush out mats with an old hairbrush. I also tape roller if pet hair gets in my car.

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Which baby wipes???I’ve used the 99 cents store ones, but they fall apart easily and make a mess. The cucumber target/up and up wipes are more hefty along with the price. You vacuum daily? Do you use carpet fresh or another flavored baking soda?

I keep hearing about ozium this and ozium that. Guess I should give it a shot. Does it have its own scent? Or is it neutral? I would rather not have something clash with my already brilliantly awesome diy air freshener.

It has an antiseptic air about it. But, it dissipates quickly along with whatever offensive odor you used the Ozium to combat said odor with.

I found two really good sprays in Dollar Tree. One was a pet odor spray and I can’t tell you the other one as a rider stole it. I found these wipes in walmart for upholstery that are HUGE in size and have been awesome on all the leather/leather like areas. The fake wood didn’t like it too much but they do smell really great. Still trying to get something good for the glass areas.

You must high pressure wash your floormats evey month or so at carwash.
All the restroom floors of all the nastiest bars come straight from the urine & beer stained halls to your floor mats. It may take 15 minutes for the black water to quit draining. Then vaccum,then soak with germ killing Ozium spray. Then Cover with Fabreeze.

I use an ozone generator that plugs into my cigarette lighter, I let it run all the time, but it works its magic best when you can let it run for several hours when your not driving. Totally destroys all odors. Fairly inexpensive and Amazon sells them.

I get my home boy hook-up at the nearby Gulf station to high pressure wash my one long floor mat that goes from left to right in the back. It’s one of those pet mats that have deep slots for dirt and water tracks. I tryo to di this pressure wash once a week if I can otherwise no longer than every 2 weeks.

I would not recommend using an ozone generator. The air we breath contains o2 molecules but ozone is o3. O3 is unstable and toxic to our bodies and can cause lung damage. Riding around with an ozone generator in your car everyday could cause all kinds of health issues. Do your research before you get one.

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I had a small box of Gain laudry sheets only last a week. However, I am experimenting with laundry scent booster beads (Downey unstopables). These things smell like heaven!!! I put them inside one use coffee filters and place the filter in a vent.

Yes, I’ve read in high concentrations, it can be bad…But, I imagine a $8.99 o3 unit will hardly have the output. However if things do get too toxic, I’ll just use it when not in the car, to kill stuff.

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I have a combination of Air Freshners. Delivering Sushi during an UberEats run can really make the car a hostile environment. I honestly don’t think Uber considered the lingering smell of food that could be left to interpretation by the next rider entering your car.

I just wipe the seats and doors with Clorox wipes (I have leather). For immediate relief from that special “I just blazed” smell so many of my passengers seem to have, I just roll the windows down as soon as I drop them off.

I dont understand why they leave their trash in our vehicles. I keep my vehicle spotless and each day that I drive I am guaranteed at least one passenger will leave trash.

The ones that plug into your lighter don’t produce enough to harm you. The big commercial ones that they use in hotels etc., could if your exposed for long periods of time. Casinos also use the big commercial units to control smoke orders, but the ones for your car are tiny.

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