My shit is nicer than they drive

I despise lil douchebags that never had a job reporting me for “professionalism” …entitled little dickslaps…charging Uber on Mommy & Daddy’s Card because I won’t allow their douchey friends to dogpile my ride…:joy::joy::joy::joy:

That’s how I felt about that entitled little bitch wanting me to wait while she played with her dog. This isn’t a game ma’am. She reported me for professionalism. :unamused:

One would believe that being driven in a Lincoln Town Car Executive L such as mine would have been more appreciated than it was. I cannot believe the complaints and low ratings I had received by many.

So you took them after you decided to tell them they couldn’t do that? Did you report it immediately ask that because there is an auction for that exact reason

That’s why you flag the ride as inappropriate behavior from passengers so when they report you for professionalism it just gets deleted

, I’m talking about the complaint for professionalism if you flag the ride as that exact thing that was described the complaint won’t be there anymore I literally did the exact same thing for this exact scenario and it was removed

They came out 4…stragglers after Start Trip…reported their ass with a solid 1 which hurt them more than me​:joy::joy:

When they order an x and think they are gonna be slick and fit more then 4 I report it to Uber after the ride and they get charged for an xl it’s not even worth the argument as long as you have an xl they will always fix it

Yeah I don’t know how I feel about this, if I ordered uber x and received a car that could fit more I shouldn’t be charged for what I requested. I understand that people game the system.

Stay away from Norman, those kids used to pull that kind of shit all the time on me and I didn’t know better till I caught on to their tricks. Then they started leaving bad ratings or remarks. Stopped driving there and no more issues.

Are you kidding me? Not one person said your car is badass??? Love it my dude!

Get lots of compliments…8 out of 10 Students are cool asf…but then there is the North Texas crowd lol

I had the same problem with one passenger who reported me for professionalism I can only seat four people they had six and want to me to let them all ride I told him by law I couldn’t do that I didn’t have enough seatbelts for all six They called another Uber and I took three people they were just mad because I wouldn’t take all six who cares not me but I think that’s terrible that uber let’s them put that against you shame on Uber

I would love to hear the definition of " Professionalism " by the riders who report me for it.

My definition of being professional is " Picking up the PAX in a timely manner and transporting them safely and promptly to their destination without accident or issue " .

These reports are idiotic .

But most of the time it’s because they know they can get a free ride by reporting this and Uber is well aware of this in which is why the reports won’t get you deactivated