My rating is dropping with a new car

I usually stay away from areas with lots of bars and such. But this past weekend I worked those bar areas heavy and I think that may be the cause of my ratings drop off. By the end of Sunday night my rating was 3.6, damn drunks…lol

On my new app is says good drivers average 4.86. Drive more. The score is the average of the last 500 rides.

Interesting, though acceptance seems to drop your rating also, at least in OZ this seems to be the case or a very convincing coincidence.

After I started, I lost points each week, dropping down as low as 4.67. Then I thought F it and stopped trying to be nice to pax. My rating then started climbing and levelled off at 4.84, which it’s been at for months.

No, the only way pax can get their score is to ask a driver, or email customer service. Pax don’t have to rate you. They can rate you several days after the ride if they want. You can’t tell much about how a pax rated you that day. Leave reading tea leaves to the mystics and you will be happier.

I did learn part of the problem. A pulled up to an Uber Taxi ping, the lady came out, got in and began to wail about how cold it was. I told her that all of the fuss was not necessary, all that she needed do was ask me to turn down the air condition.

I would be happy to do it. Still, it was food for thought. I had noticed that some of the street hails had mentioned how cold it was in the cab.

Some even had asked me to turn off the air condition. As a result, every time a customer got in, I told him that this was a new car and the air condition worked really well, but, I could adjust as desired.

This worked for a while. My ratings were back to well within tolerances. Suddenly, they tanked again, but not as bad. I was having weeks alternate between well within tolerances and the pits. Finally, they did stabilise to what they always were.

I’ve noticed that American businesses do like to use a/c to refrigerate their customers down to sub-zero for some unknown reason. I’ve never seen this in any other country.

I was in a restaurant a while ago; 80 degrees outside but freezing inside. A man and his daughter walked in carrying sweaters and put them on. They must have been regulars and knew what to expect - there’d be no other reason for carrying sweaters around on a hot sunny Socal day.

There’s a Denny’s by LAX that’s so uncomfortably cold and over air conditioned that I can’t eat there. I don’t get it - it’s unnecessary and also a big waste of energy.

So Uber got you where they want you, another desperate Uber driver, Uber’s favorite driver. Another driver mind by Uber and their rating system, another way to control you, lol. While TK is counting his billions, you are counting your pennies, and beging Uber for forgiveness.

Chill out 4.8 to 4.9 is actually fantastic. Way above average. 4.7 is still real good! You are just driving more and this is very typical. Don’t worry unless u slip in the 4.6 range that’s the danger zone. People don’t rate 5 stars as much as u think. Welcome to Uber

Interestingly, I HAVE the latest software, but the features aren’t activated in my market. I drove to Charlotte, NC and turned on my app, and it was the new interface. I LOVED IT! When I returned to Savannah, it was still the new app - for about 30 minutes.

I set the temperature to 70 at all times. If customer complains, I adjust, usually adjust up. Most people are happy with it.

I had the same issue with my rating for Profesionalism! WTF!!! Says I didnt start the trip or end the trip on time. I can only think of the ONE time this happened with over 320 completed trips and it wasnt my fault.