My question to you guys and girls is how many laws and/or policy's have been broken here?

I had to post this. There are 5 women waiting on an Uber at closing. We offered and I heard the word kidnap and I was like nope, we are good on this ride. Mind you they had been waiting for 30 mins. 2 XL vehicles sitting there and they are waiting on a Ford whatever. We scratch our heads and brace for them to get in this car. 15 mins later this happens! Car pulls up and there is someone in the back seat already! Pool people! Bodies on top of bodies face to crotch and the driver never said a damn word.

What In holy hell is going on in that car… Who does that? Why do that? Split another Uber? Bitch yo shocks? A ticket? Common sense? Can you see thru yo rear view? How many free feels happened? Wait, it was basically a backseat orgy anyway…

It was awful Mont!!! Lol, it was a racial issue! They preferred this! Maybe the hat scared em! They got the speech too! #idontdowhitewomen

I’m mad I ain’t get to make the meet n greet… You seem cool AF. And I can’t tell you how many times they get in my car and like…you are not Lamont… Says who…that is not your picture… Wanna bet… No better yet… Let me help you… Have a Good Night

We will definitely link up and gather a beer or something bruh! This is clearly a case where a drive let Paxs run their car. A foot on my seat and you getting da business! I got a damn $50 tip for checking a dudes wife! Lol, he was like damn she really shut the F up Bro!

My first Uber ride was 5 guys in my car…4 in back 1 in front I didn’t know there was too many passanger option and that ride was $20 plus tip but it was my first ride ever I know better now

And that is why I don’t f$ck with Buckhead on a Saturday night, lol!

And then they do it on Pool…after they spend all the money on drinks, smh

This is why it will never stop… Folks too desperate, like another one won’t come through. I would rather collect that fee for Too Much Luggage than to take money from the next driver (like Me) from the overload and, or risk getting a citation. Smh Why We Will Never receive Fair Treatment. Way Too Many Thirsty Crabs…

They tried me downtown last night with this. I pull up and see 2 women walking towards my car. Look at my phone to start the trip and next thing I know it’s like 6 ppl in my car. I say “no no no no you cannot ride on top of each other like this you need to order the right uber to accommodate all of u if u wish to ride together”. Pax “but we’re all in now and we’re only going 2 miles away” me “it doesn’t matter I’m not getting a ticket or tearing up my car” ppl don’t think at all

Yes and Athens is the worse place for that. They try and do it right in front of the cops. If they do I’ll just them to the police station and let the officer inform them. My car is already small.

My eyes, focus and turn the phone! Lol… I would have turned the car off and stepped out. Hell to the no no. I make more than 6 passengers (I’m xl) get a regular ride to follow us, heck I would take the cash to use my app for them and have the other driver follow me.

An accident and this driver is fucked and in my opinion should go straight to jail! I run my car! I don’t do illegal shit 4 free! U turns cost in my ish! They respect that everytime!

People think because they are paying for a service that they can get the service any way they like it or dictate exactly how the service is provide… Albeit we do and should give good customer service… Services are often offered within bounds, guidelines, or certain parameters…and We will stay within those Parameters if it can cost me money or my gig!!!

Funny part was, the chick that told me she loves me tried to change her mind and in “Training Day” fashion I was like nope, you fucked that up! Lol

As soon as she said kidnap, we looked at each other and said we can’t wait to see you guys get in this focus. I think you got it. Then this woman shows up with a 250 lb passenger in the back seat…that’s when the camera came out. Lol.

Typically, I try not to accept the ride before everyone get in so that way you can make the pax cancel or hit too passengers or no show to get your fee.

But these Drivers keep doing, for that little $3.75!
Turned down about 4 trips last nite, cause of this.
You aint getting me!

This driver isn’t bright. When he’s suspension gets messed up maybe he’ll learn not to do this. I had a cabbie let us get 7 -9 people in a mini van. We asked him to call another cab, but he said he could get us. Then when his axle broke, he wanted us to pay for it. We told him that it would happen and it was his fault for being stupid and greedy!!