My opinion about Department of Defense shutting down power grid this weekend

Causing a huge blackout of power, will not be done in Cities or States with large population. Why would they experiment and cause crisis in any state with a large population. Places that have like 1,000 people living there make sense not like New York 21,000,000 million people living there…

Feel free to email Mr. English Manager of Army Mars Program. for clarification.…/communications-interoperability…

I have friends in RI and they have been without power since saturday. Don’t know if it related but she pissed.

We just got soaked with flooding rain & wind gusts that took out trees & power lines lol

The number of people who fall for this BS is really disturbing. :woman_facepalming:…/

That would take the explosion of a Nuclear bomb above our atmosphere. Just so you know. :man_facepalming:

Wow, that means no airplane flying. No airport pick ups. Wait, my car won’t run either. No Uberring. Wait the hospitals what about the hospitals?
Ohhhhhhh Hesus!!!
Which pharmaceutical company sell anxiety pills. Their stock has to Be climbing.

Rumors! Why would the US create panic anywhere in this country intentionally? Everything will be normal on those days. OMG people.

they have been doing this for many years and they are so small people do not even know they are happening. This nov 4th crap is just SOMEONE on here that sits on front of there computer all day looking up crap to post and argue about. They are google happy and he knows who he is LMAO …This like everything else is BS

Do some fact-checking this is been going on since 2013, but of course the media is blowing it up like it’s some big event. It isn’t.

And I was wondering if they were doing it to upgrade security systems. . .
Ya got me!!