My observation about some drivers, not to be mean but to help

Due to a car accident I am using uber as a pax. I have had some issues with appearances. One car had major body damage. Driver didnt look professional or well kept. Nice person good driver. Second car mats in seat were messed up an issue for me due to injury. Windows were very dirty. My insurance is paying so I could not decide tip or rating but I would have.

Honestly, What can you expect for .60 cents per mile. Give me a freaken break. if you want a nicer ride, try Uber XL or Select Sounds like you want Limo services for pennies. WOW

Just play simple and remember they make 3 bucks an hour… if you wanna be picky about the driver and windows or mats take a Select or a Black SUV and I think your but hurt will vanish​:v:t2::v:t2::v:t2:peace

If your making 3 bucks an hour you suck and need a new job. I average 20.00 an hour driving part time days

20$ an hour you wish… I make 800-1000$ a week driving part time on Select and I’m not bragging but I know that I lost the value of my 2017 car and have to deal with all the fucking clowns at the dealership laughing at my mileage but I dong give a shit as long as I have money in my bank account … if you where harassed by riders and now you’re just paying back judging floor mats and windows you suck! I wish I could get you as a rider… it would be a fun conversation

everyday my sits in driveway it loses value. And considering i use my car for my real job and I pay for it regardless of whether i drive for Uber or not it is over reaching to deduct that amount Also it only costs 25.00 to fill my tank which i can drive for 350 miles so my gas was about 10.00 which means i still made almost 20.00 an hour.

“I want to pay rock bottom rates for a top tier ride” :weary:
Body damage is a really broad term… if it was still safe to drive, meh…let it go.

It’s called ride sharing, not car rental. If you didn’t like the appearance why didn’t you reroute your destination to a car wash and wipe down his windows for him? Share the experience while you’re sharing his car.

“Not to be mean but to help”

If you wanted to help you would simply mention it to him, not hit his rating anonymously :roll_eyes: I’m kinda glad you didn’t get the opportunity to rate them.

I dress comfortable…idaf if the pax approve of what I’m wearing or not its 100+ degrees outside…u and all other picky ass pax can fuck off 🤷🏼
Get u an uber black next time lil miss priss

I’m just saying we all should take pride in what we drive. Nobody is perfect but dmn. I know we don’t make sht but jeez it takes three seconds to wipe down windows or fix a fooor mAt. It’s OUR FING CAR. If someone’s car is all fcked off I can’t imagine what their house looks like. Take pride in what you drive. THATS ALL SHES SAYING. Y’all got some fking sticks up your a**.

Please don’t give another driver less than 5 stars. It’s not going to help anything. If you feel that strongly, tell him during the ride. That would help.

I take a lot of pride in my home and appearance. I also keep a clean car!!! I have had a pax one star me for my weight, one for not speaking Spanish, and one for the fact I did not have trade dress were they thought it should be!!! The roads in this city will cause you to have dirty windows at times!! Sometimes it is not possible to stop after every pax and clean the windows

Being a driver I see both sides. So if I felt the need to comment it was pretty bad. I dont go out of my way to complain.

I had one say my brand new car was dirty. Brand new. No damage. I have dent in my bumper now from a pot hole that was covered by a puddle. I fell into the hole with my son on his way to school. :woman_facepalming:t3: and i rode in a car that needed vacuuming but i didn’t complain l got to my destination safely

It’s sad watching people ruin it because they can’t differentiate themselves from a taxi driver. Taxi drivers are dicks.
But so are MANY rideshare drivers now, I suppose.

Several months back I took a lyft. Before I rated and left a comment I went in the lyft Houston Facebook page. We talked about the issues. The car was very clean on the outside. The inside another story. Plus it had a strong smell of motor oil coming from the back. Like it spilled and the smell was there. We all talked about it. I finally rated him 4 stars. I complimented him on being extremely nice but I could not get passed the smell of motor oil. I also mention that his backseat was really dirty… I gave him a polite reminder and rated nicely. I felt no reason to go below that. Al we can do is support each other. Can you find one nice thing about the ride?

This is the lesson I have learned and what I try to teach my sons and grandson every day. The road you leave behind is the road you will one day go back down. The person driving you today could be the person who saves your life tomorrow.
That driver could be working to pay for chemo and radiation treatments. The could be working to save their home from foreclosure. We never know. Yes there may be some flaws inside and outside of the vehicle but I don’t know their story. The previous passenger may have dirtied their mats and they not know it.
As long as the vehicle doesn’t look like something out of horders I give them five stars.

So true we never know the struggles another person is going through if they were courteous and safe give them a break.

car should look halfway decent and clean it’s not that hard to keep up and people should look representable… I expect the car to be nice and clean, if I wanted a piece of crap I would have called a cab