My life is more important then this shit at night

For the 1st time in over a year driving :red_car:I decided to go out a few hours tonight ( friday) ended up dropping at trenton train station :steam_locomotive: then get ping less then mile away , figured … oh what the hell its only a mile away … get to the location which is run down with vacant buildings​:bank: and 2 guys :man_with_gua_pi_mao:t2::man:t2:staring me :eyes:down as im pulling up to the location… sooooo I keep it rollin … staring :eyes:right back and clutching onto the razor blade :hocho: my dear coworker Liz Nycgal gave me … . then step on the gas​:dash: … GTFOH .:fu::thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:Uber must think im desperate for petty cash…:moneybag:. :crescent_moon: … Be safe all …:+1: You got balls … im a wuss … :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::kissing::grimacing:

Always listen to your instinct. You don’t have to pick up anyone you dont want to. That’s one of the things i love about this job. We’re not forced to do something we don’t want to do

I wouldnt have gone. I have balls and usually dont give a fuck but self preservation kicks in at times.

The only place I pick up in Trenton is the train station. Usually good rides out of there at certain times. Pretty much guaranteed to get a trip deep into Pennsylvania with the destination filter set to West Chester late night on a weekend. People miss the last Septa train.

Dont mistaken, being a Wuss to being wise. Perpetrators have nothing to lose, you on the other hand have a famy to go home to. Stay safe. Keep smart :blush:

I’m with them. Gut instinct is best. I do late Trenton a lot in some sketchy spots. But if something doesnt feel right I’m out.

Last weekend I get ride. Pick up in east Brunswick 3:30 am. Guy gets in going to Trenton. Guy passes out. I ride in peace. Get to Trenton and the drop off area is a total shit zone! Get to his “house” he opens door and I can hear fireworks going off. Half second later I realized it was fun fire. Pax gets out. Turn off app. Hit GPS home. GPS has me turn left at end of block. Once I turn, I am in the middle of what must be the area to buy drugs. About 20 people out in the street. See me and start running to my van waving bags of drugs. I weave in and out around them and blow 3 stop signs to get out of that area.
That was my last trip to Trenton. And I only got $27.

Probably down town Trenton. That area is a shit hole. When I use yo sell solar my boss tried to drop me, 2 other white dudes and a black dude in there to work. My black co worker was like fuck this. I’ll be hit immediately cause I’m in a white van with 3 white dudes. Lol.

Did Trenton once… 2 really bad scary rides… but took them anyway… I did not let fear control me… no problems… after that never again.

Instead of carrying a blade, a better idea would be to STOP DRIVING IN THE HOOD. I rejected a 150% premier from trenton. Why? Cause its fucking Trenton

So last weekend I was in Mystic Conn. taking in the sights with my GF. We decided to take Uber downtown as we were planning to have some drinks with dinner. So I ordered my uber and got a driver ( Fernando 4.92 ) and he picked me us up quickly and dropped us off. I felt guilty using the pool choice but what the heck, everyone does it to me! The fare was 7.78 and it was only 7 miles. We did give him a $ 4.00 tip. So about 10:00 I ordered an Uber back to the hotel. I got John an older guy ( 4.95 and we waited over 15 mins ( he was supposedly 3 min away ) . I see a car parked down the road ( Mystic is deserted at night before SUmmer season and we were waiting for him at Mystic Pizza ( Yes from the Julia Roberts movie fame. I gave John a call and told him where were were. He finds us, very engaging guy and it becomes obvious after about 20 mins it is not the way we came. He drops us off at the wrong Hampton Inn and I tell him so. He apologizes and said he never looked at the address on the APP. There are two Hampton Inns in Mystic about 20 min apart. Turns out John has 100 rides and new. I tell him I work for Uber and not to worry about it. I have over 1600 rides with 4.9. My GF tips him 5.00 anyway. So later I see I have been charged 24.25 from Uber. I ask for fare review and get notice from Uber that I am being reimbursed $ 16 and change . As of this writing I am still waiting for the money to show up in my account. LOL! Rather than giving John a 1 as most PAX would, I decided to not rate him at all. Hopefully it was a learning for him. Being a nice guy helped his cause.