My insurance just told me that, if i accept an uber/lyft ride, that i have no coverage

From the moment i take the ride, to the moment, i drop off. This concerns me, i cannot afford to loose my car. Ive tried to see if i could find additional coverage but no luck. How do you feel ok driving like this, and have you found any solutions? Im in NC.

Read your waybill the next passenger you pick up, It will show you insurance policy Uber and Lyft have you covered. And why did you tell your insurance? Also you should look into commercial insurance now that you told them

Uber covers your vehicle. Your insurance company is just saying that THEY aren’t the liable ones in that situation :slight_smile:

Progressive cancelled me the moment they found out I drove Uber part time.
Get rideshare insurance to cover you any other time you are driving…Allstate has rideshare ins. in Arkansas.

Please only accept advice from an individual who is licensed to sell insurance in your state. Several companies provide a ridesharing endorsement on your insurance policy.

In Illinois, Safeco, Travelers, Mercury and Erie all offer ride share endorsements. You need to check with these companies in your state however.

This isn’t entirely accurate. You have coverage from the moment you take a ride to when you drop them off through Uber insurance. However, during the period between when you drop someone off and when you are waiting on a new ride, you only have liability insurance.

No, he is saying that Uber has insurance that covers you during the times that your own car insurance does not. It’s not the greatest of insurance but it’s something. The OP thought that she was going completely uninsured while driving for Uber.

Uber/Lyft are required to cover you from when you get the call until you drop off your rider or they cancel the ride.

I think we have heard the horror stories surrounding Über and Lyft with their insurance policies. For peace of mind and to understand about this is would go to someone you trust who is very knowledgeable about rideshare policies and talk to them.

My insurance company also told me I am not covered anytime the Uber app is on. I am just going to go with Uber coverage for now. I have USAA and they said coverage for ride share through them was not available in NC. It is in other states.

My insurance company TD my my personal policy is not in affected while my app is turned on. I had to add ride share coverage

Your insurances are correct. When you work for uber you are doing business in your vehicles. When u sign up for insurance you told them u did not do business in your vehicle. Therefore you violate the policy! You have to tell your insurance that you work for uber otherwise they have the option to terminate your policy because u lied. Uber covers you from the time you pick up the pax until you drop them off. Your comprehension and collision on your own policy will be responsible for your car damages if you are the one that caused the collision. Therefore when uber Pursues your insurance to cover your car, your company won’t pay if u didn’t report that u worked for uber!!! Uber will only cover the pax and the other vehicle if its your fault. This is why people are losing their coverages…

That’s BS. You are covered from the moment you get a request until you drop them off. The only time you are not covered is online waiting for a request, unless you have the rideshare gap insurance through your insurance company. Most of the major companies offer it. It’s usually only a few $$$ a month more.

According to the Ride Share Guy only Farmers and Liberty Mutual offer rideshare coverage for drivers in NC.

I have liberty mutual, and while they won’t cancel me for driving for Uber… They do not cover you once your app is online.

I think we each should go back and research the Über insurance policy and try to address questions to them and go to our individual policy and check that out. As someone else earlier stated we need specific info from an insurance agent we trust.
I have been driving for Über three years and have heard many bad things and only a few good things about their insurance James River ins.

I didn’t go to a meeting. I went to personally talk to them at the hub. I met with two ladies and a guy and still didn’t get good answers.

If I sat down with three reps from Über with questions I would not have left without definitive answers! Ins jargon gets complicated at times and I would want an explanation I could understand and apply to my situation

Geico’s commercial rideshare insurance was $50 less per month than my personal policy. It’s an annual policy and not semiannual so divide the quote by 12 and not 6. I have more liability coverage now too.