My insurance company declined my claim

My policy ($500 deductible if my fault - $0 deductible if his fault but uninsured) doesn’t cover me because I was “available for hire”. The guy that hit me ran from the scene, so no insurance info was collected. The police won’t do anything accept make a crash report @ $8 (my expense), even after providing them with video evidence and plate number. Now I have to come up with a $1000 deductible for Uber’s sh*tty insurance coverage and no way of getting reimbursed from the guy at fault due to lazy cops not doing their jobs!

If you provide the video (I gather you have a dash cam-excellent!) and license info to Uber’s insurer, they will most likely go after the other party to collect whatever they pay out on your claim. I’m not sure about that company, but at least some insurers, like my Auto Club, give back the deductible in full, paid out of the first money they collect. Others share on a prorated basis- so you don’t get fully reimbursed unless they do as well. Might be something worth asking about, especially with you providing evidence of fault and the plate number.

Just buy commercial. I know it’s very expensive, but it will cover any 'grey" areas. Uber has proved time and time again, that it’ll distance itself from the driver should there be an accident.

Also consider Metromile insurance from an affiliate of National General Group. There have been some threads about it here. It covers you anytime Uber doesn’t, and charges by the mile via a tracking device.

You are an Uber Driver. You were in an accident. The other party did a hit 'n run. You notified your insurance company. Your insurance company denied your claim. You have to go through Uber Insurance. You have video of the accident.

It might be time to call around to a few local and/or national news agencies that have been researching for a some Uber / TNC Insurances stories but didn’t have enough “good info”. You could just be the perfect source.

Why should I inform them of what I am doing? If I hit a deer (with no pax), they should pay after my deductible. If I hit a deer (with pax). I fix my car and don’t file a claim. If Pax are not injured, Uber ins. is not involved. Are you saying my fault accident with someone’s car (with or without pax) my insurance may not fix their car, if they are not aware that I Uber?

And if your car is a total loss, what then? Uber will require that you file with your insurer first and have the claim denied before they will match your collision coverage up to fifty thousand dollars. So your insurer will be aware. You will also be racking up many more miles on your car, which may raise a red flag.

If you are in an accident where police respond, and you have to provide proof of insurance, it will be in the report for anyone ( other than a deer) to access. Consider that you might be injured seriously and a cop searches your car for insurance information.

I suggest you read your policy in full, paying special attention to statements about what is not covered and anything having to do with reasons the insurer may cancel. There is most likely verbiage regarding what you told them about use of the vehicle in your application for coverage. It may include a discussion of fraud.

It amazes me when people sign up for Uber/Lyft knowing the insurance risks and have a shit fit when something happens. Did you honestly think that anybody from any side was going to come running to aid you? Remember you are a independent contractor…

I doubt most have read the contract all the way through or opted out of anything within the first 30 days. Of course your personal insurance is going to freak out and dump you when they find out you are “for-hire”. Your policy said you can’t…but you did it anyway. They don’t want the risk.

I can (currently) self insure against a total loss of my vehicle. Would consider not Ubering or purchasing a replacement vehicle and pay attention and research insurance options better. Profit margin is currently less than expected anyway. I should get some quotes for commercial though. There are some great warnings/disclosures discussed here, thank you for your time.

My insurance agent (and friend) looked at Uber’s policy. He immediately saw there was no collision, comprehensive, or personal injury (PIP) for the driver. If I were to file a claim while driving for Uber (or if the underwriter gets wind of what I may be doing), my personal policy would be cancelled. As of now I have not picked up my first fare.