My first odd rider

Had my first odd rider. Picked him up at the cvs on metropolitan. Asks if he can make a quick stop (he had VIP), so I said yes. Told me he was dropping off shoes for his son and was going to pray with him and would be quick.

So we get to the destination and I see him walk up to his son who is playing outside. I start messing around on my phone while I wait. Next thing I know I hear kids screaming and I look up and the passenger and another male are fighting. I mean like all out fighting. Slamming each other on the ground, on the cement wall. His son is screaming (this part real hurt my heart since no child should see any of this madness). The kids mom is trying to separate them and gets hit in the process.

I ended the ride and got the hell out of dodge… let uber support know.

As I was waiting to get out of this damn gated apartment complex. I hate the single car gates.

I hear a bang… gun shot

I’m done for the night… picking up wine and I’m going home. We can resume the circus tomorrow

What in THE hell is going on out here? I don’t like picking up in that area. Sometimes I’ll get one when I’m leaving the airport with a pax going north who selected a pool ride. Glad you got out safely

Did you call the police for the sake of the children? Where the hell was this? Did you call 911? This is sad though I feel for the kids. I’m glad you made it out ok.

After I read where you picked him up, I wasn’t surprised to hear what happed. Unfortunate, but glad your safe. Remember you don’t have to pickup every ride request. Yes it can happen anywhere, but there are area that have a higher probability of this.

are you saying that I have the same probability to be a victim of a violent crime anywhere? or that it can’t happen anywhere.

Also areas like where food is delivered, last I checked the driver did the shooting, not the customer. We are talking about picking people up.

The fact that he caught a uber for that foolishness is what they don’t report on the news. The more I think about it. He took out his earrings as he was getting in the car and also took off his watch. Kinda think he knew what was going to happen

removal of the earring is the tell of “shits about to go down” for women.
Lord knows I have snatched mine out more than a few times in my younger years . I’m crying laughing reading this.

Yeah if he took of earring and watch he was ready to fight. You might end up being a witness to this. Let us know if it ends up on the news or the police contact you. If something about this ends up on the news be sure to contact the police letting them know about him taking the earrings and watch off. That just shows it was premeditated.

he taking of the earrings and watch off kind of makes it seem like he was ready for a fight. Yeah of course he will give some other reason for it but we all know what it was really for.

If the person is not in the group (she’s not) they won’t get notification you’re trying to tag them AND this is a closed group so she can’t see anything unless she is a member.

so sorry you had that kind of night ughh i would have ended it the same way wine and goodnight tomorrow is another hopefully better day driving.

A while back i had a young girl who had to leave work and go home cuz her neighbor called and told her that her ex was breaking in her apt. I tried to convince her not to go or to at least call cops. She refused cuz she didn’t wanna get him in trouble…i got her in the gate. Dropped her at the office to apt. Gave her my mace and got the hell on…jesus the life of ride share…glad ur safe…

Glad you are safe and you were smart enough to get the hell out of dodge!!!
just got another call from Uber’s escalation team. Had to give another recorded statement.

That’s crazy glad you followed your mind and xld. Hope everyone involved is ok
I could have swore this post was made before in this group until the part where it devolved into a fight. I hope you’re okay now and you are smart enough to leave