My dumbest moment as an uber driver

I got an Airport pickup to st Pete when it was $1.20/mile. Pax remembered hid luggage was still on the belt as we almost arrived to destination. Pax wanted me tu turn around and take him back to airport. I turned off the app and drove him the rest of the way for free. What was I thinking?!! It was a $38.xx fare I believe… Could have been double that if I simply followed orders and drove him back to airport. returning items and not getting any compansation for them.

Listened to a pax when she told me to take another route, 2:15 am on a Friday night… Hit traffic due to an accident and we all sat bumper to bumper for 1 hour and 45 mins…She want me to skip doing through town and take i4 to par , which would have been about 1/4 to the exit …fine…but that accise t had just happened and we got stuck on the on ramp right beside the amway center.

But you claim that you drove them anyway? Why would drive them for free because of the “insurance implications”? Might as well get some cash money out of it.

I closed the app 2 different trips without knowing one of more than one rider in my car was going to a separate destination. NYE I was duped into a cash ride because the couple was cheap and I knew it.

Dude. Give it up. This is something I’d never do again now that I’ve realized it was a silly thing to do in the first place. Are you really trying to get your rocks off by making a total stranger feel like a peon for no good reason??

The dumbest thing I’ve done is miss an exit on the toll expressway. The distance to destination went from 2 miles to 15 miles just like that.

I let a pax put one of those suitcases w/ wheels in my backseat (1st mistake).
When he got out of the car he dragged the suitcase rubbing the wheels on my seats(2nd mistake). Cleaned the dirt from the wheel of the suitcase without reporting it to Fuber and getting a cleaning fee (3rd mistake). Never letting pax put suitcases in my backseat anymore. Even if they’re smaller ones.

Mistake two is putting the key into the ignition of the UberX car. Mistake three is logging onto the UberX platform.

Driving a group of 3, the girl in the group was very flirtatious (while I’d like to credit my hotness, I have a suspicion that they may have noticed a failure to start the trip). Wasn’t a long trip, and I can’t remember if I knew enough to at least get a min. fare, but lesson learned.

My guess is they hadn’t noticed the trip wasn’t started. Your issue was so common, Uber now has a feature for when a trip wasn’t started at the pinpoint.

lol, I did that too…kinda…in my case, I accidentally stopped the trip shortly after starting it and had no idea what to do so I gave the guy 20 minute ride for the price of a minimum fare. He was a seasoned Uber rider and looking back, I could tell he knew how to fix the problem but wouldn’t tell me.

My biggest mistake: I’m sitting on my front steps waiting for my first ping to get me out of the house. I’m looking down at the Rider App while logged in on the Driver App.

Accepted a 15 min non surge Pool ping for a 4.4 rated rider, while sitting in the middle of a heavy surge zone, and sped through traffic lights when he keep texting me “where are you” and rated him 5 stars since I thought it would save me from a 1 star rating

During NYE, accepted whole bunch of non-surge stacked pings while on the way to drop the surge ride away from downtown to suburb. Didn’t know I could have ignored the stacked pings and logged off the app and headed to downtown for surge rides. Although I did drive non stop but could have easily increased the pay.

Turned down a $20 tip on my first week due to the fear of getting in trouble.
I’ll never turn down even a dollar now.

Dumbest thing I have done was the other night, I get a request and I drive to the location…BOOM!pax is actually waiting!he gets in we start driving per his instructions. We get to talking and then all of a sudden I realize he is not the right pax…I never asked his name!so I had to pull over and email Uber…and gave the guy a ride,he was older and I didn’t want to kick him out because he was a decent dude…he ended up giving me 20$ so it worked out.

I was pinged to one address and then the account holder called to give me the correct address. New to Uber he was and this is how I found out that feature existed. I am glad I was paid from the original location.