My car got a couple hundred dollars worth of damage in a juke joint

Does anyone know if we can set this a plate request an Uber not send us to an address or a certain place because I’m not want to go back out to that juke joint in Ocean Springs I probably have a couple hundred dollars now worth of damage to my car

Well I called the police and the dude got arrested but nobody can figure out who’s actually responsible for the Damage Done to the car is it the customer that ordered the Uber because it was his passenger or was it the other two outside the car or was it the bar itself because their bar is on private property which means the owners responsible and Uber isn’t telling me anything

Its the passenger tbh. Its their account. What happens on their acct is their responsibility although im sure this can be argued in a court of law.

I told the officer I felt all three of the people were at fault for the Damage Done to the car but they said no it was the person who instigated it which was the passenger in the car I’d personally don’t understand it he was in the car they yanked him out I don’t care if he instigated it or not they grown man they pulled them out of the car the car got damaged I think they all three should pay

Unfortunately, because the cop didn’t want to deal with it, you’re probably screwed. But you can get the customer’s name from the police report and file a small claims case against him. Since the police charged him with the crime, he would be the one to sue.

Uber might wind up giving you $200 or so, but I would go after the guy arrested.

They generally don’t pay anything if you’re not in the ride in the software when the damage happens.

That’s the thing I don’t understand I’m supposed to wait until all the passengers are in the car then start to trip the passenger I got ripped out of my car he was still in the process of getting in it he was in the process of closing the door when he got pulled out of the car

The cops did mention they arrested him for the assault of the two other guys and the Damage Done to my car so I don’t know what to do now

Sue him …
Uber wont cover most likely, and ultimately, he is the one who damaged the vehicle …

I start the trip as soon as I confirm the name, or at a residential address, as soon as they walk out the door. I also never end the trip until everyone is out and the door is closed. Accidents happen getting in and out, and if you’re not in the trip, you ain’t covered. Well I have commercial insurance, so I am, but most aren’t.

So if they arrested him for the damage, you can sue and easily win in small claims court. He probably won’t even show up! Wait for Uber to respond. Since you were on their call, at the pickup address, they might cover you. But I seriously doubt it… I hope they prove me wrong. For now, go down and get a police report!

The police report is important! Make sure you read it and agree with it! If not, ask to talk to the reporting officer. If something needs changing, they normally won’t do it unless you point it out right away.

when you see trouble, tell them to “Find another Ride, because that bullshit isn’t happening in/near my vehicle.”

Then, pull away a safe distance, wait 5 minutes & Cancel.

I think she got caught in the middle, and it started after the pax got in the car. Hindsight is 20/20…

Not really, pay attention to the behavior of people when they’re around your vehicle.

I pulled up to the Pickup Location with two men arguing in the parking lot.

My immediate thought was, “This BETTER NOT be my Rider.”

Unfortunately, they were…I told them to “Find another Ride, because this bullshit isn’t happening in/near my vehicle.”

They managed to calm themselves, got a ride, and Tipped me well & apologized.

No bullshit, Business/Personal!!

Remember, if you have to sue, go for the state maximum! You’re going to have lost wages now because Uber will deactivate you until the car is repaired!

Anymore Ride/Trip Requests from the juke joint in Ocean Springs, ignore/accept & sit.

If you can help it, don’t be anywhere near the place to receive a Ride/Trip Request.

If you happen to be dropping off there, turn off the App & drive out of the area, while applying the Destination Filter.