My back, neck and arms hurt and i feel exhausted, how do yall do this everyday?!

$125.00 ($25 Lyft / $90 Uber)

$10 TIP

11 9pm

Covington, Conyers, Alpharetta and lastly Sandy Springs

This use to be about$250 day and well worth those hrs. The gas, tax, time, and ware& tare omg today that killn use

The point I’m making is that the work was easier then versus now. If I can bring home $200-$300 in 6-8 hours versus $100 in 10-12 hours, I would take the former over the latter all day!

In addition to what Jarrod said, even last year up until May I could go out on just the weekend and make $300-500 easy even w/ the current rate. But for whatever reason, a super wave of drivers came out of nowhere and squashed that shit! On Sat 5/7 I did $128.00 Surge +58.39 Uber Fee -37.26… 6hr 24 min 14 trips w/ $149.13 in my pocket. Oh and lets not forget that Boosts have now killed our $ too b/c the surges don’t get as high as they used too or even happen at all. Oh FYI for the Thurs-Sun that week I did $496.93 ( 29hr 41min, 62 trips) and w/o Thurs it would have been 342.77. Last week I did 6 days (off Wed) 36hr 32 min 71 trips and net was $546.47…diff of $49.54…smh b/c that’s some bullshit!

I have picked up “retired” Lyft/Uber drivers that drove in 2014 and 2015 that cleaned up. They stated that when those rates hit .75 / per mile , they had to let it go. When you have options to make money in other areas, it’s easier to move on to more lucrative ventures. No days to get $200 -$400 plus a day within 8 hours or lesser hours you need to be in a “skilled” or certified type of business. Tax season coming up. That is a nice hustle to do that can bring in $200 to $500 plus a day within 8 to 10 hours.

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If people work together like uber do against us this shit would never happen, but people in America is so selfless all for pennies. I remember making min. $130 per quarter tank thats about 4x$130=$520 per tank real shit. I understand the over saturating but not cutting rates. Because all the expense is on driver. Do anyone thats been around for a while feel like uber community of ways and rules are fucking up the lyft possibly of a better service for drivers. My tips has gone from about $175 week to about $30

Also the work before was only hard if you choose it to be today its force upon you theres no reality of work when you want that tru but very fruad. And no 4real I be wanting to call and talk shit to RICKY SMILEY about that fake ass uber promotion but reality kicks in that nig… get paid more than us to promote them lol shit get cha money

10 hours and that’s it? See, that’s the most for the least. I’ve almost spotted driving because of this mess. I just drove for extra change here and there.

Started from Emory bc I work @Cdc then took someone to Union city then airport to Sandy springs, Norcross,Buckhead and Inman park

There’s no need for a special group or class just grind and location plus youtube for tips on how to handle your rides

If this is the only thing you have going on, handle your business to pay your bills. With a CDL license you can make this in 6 hours and enjoy time with your family.

Trump is in office…Gotta work smart. Meaning …What career I need to get into that can bring me $1200-$1500 consistently. What certification or license I need to get to make that happen? ???

You guys are making it hard for change. If you are working 100 hours out of 168 in a week why would i think i need to give you more. You, We seem to be happy.

I dont do it every day. Im building my business. If I put that kind of hours in to it, I’ll make money from EVERY state. Better long-term for me.