My advice for a SAFER ride share experience

Good morning,

I’m writing regarding driver safety. Last fall my girlfriend Jessi started driving for Uber and Lyft so that she could make some extra cash before the holidays. After a couple of weeks, I was amazed by the number of instances she shared in which she was put in rather compromising situations. Since Jessi could only drive in the evenings, she was often forced to navigate interactions with individuals who were either intoxicated, aggressive, inappropriate, or dealing with mental health issues. Nevertheless, this made her and I uncomfortable. So, we began to research sensible solutions that would fill the gap in between when the police are needed and when they arrive.

At the time I happened to be familiar with a guy who worked for a company that was designing a non-lethal self-defense spray that could be used in hospitals, schools, and offices. I bought a 5oz spray can which came with a self-adhesive dock, and we put it discreetly within reach on Jessi’s driver’s side door.

What we liked most about this company’s product (Reflex Protect) is that if heaven forbid, a rider became aggressive towards Jessi, she felt tremendous peace of mind in knowing that she could easily defend herself without the collateral damage other self-defense products would cause.

The Reflex Protect Presidia Gel won’t stain the inside of Jessi’s car or any clothing. It won’t cross- contaminate the other passengers or Jessi. Its intuitive design allows anyone to instinctively grab and use even under significant stress and adrenaline. This is simply not the case with any of the other products like pepper spray or mace and we couldn’t justify any other alternative such as taser because of the liability risks.

The kit we purchased from Reflex Protect in addition to the 5oz can, came with a neutralizing solution that immediately counters the effects of Presidia Gel, a clean-up towel, dock and practice targets.

Before we chose Reflex Protect, I did my research. I found countless forums with many suggestions. Some of these suggestions seemed rather reckless and not very well thought out, such as clubs, tasers, various pepper sprays etc. My belief is that many of these drivers were simply unaware of a product that is in many cases is more effective that these alternatives and certainly safer.

After my entire experience dealing with Reflex Protect, I became a believer.

Any interest or questions, please let me know.