My 6th rider today will be my 2000th rider

“Thank You!!:tada:

For those who don’t give nothing but a safe ride & friendly convo, blah blah lol yeah we know, so no need to come on my post and spoil my good vibes with it 🤷🏾 Just my good energy for today!!! Happy Driving :red_car::dash:

I think this is a grand idea, remember, what you put out in the world will come back to you! Please share with us when that happens as well!! Have a blessed day!

That’s how I live! What energy you put out is what you get back…Doing something nice for someone is also good for you!

You are sowing into someone’s life. You don’t know how that will impact that person. Get ready for your harvest Sis

Do you girl! If nothing else, you’ve put good karma out. If you get the right person, you’ll get that back triple in tip, but don’t count on it lol

I gave out a $50 Red Lobster Gift Card for my 3,000 Ride…
I think that’s Great and very well done…

One tiny bit of criticism.

Instead of giving the passenger something like this, why not make a small donation to a good charity in the passenger’s name instead?

This way the good vibes are shared and everyone wins.

THey don’t have to give a passenger anything. I sure as hell would not BUT I also wouldn’t have the nerve to dictate, how they should spend their money and where. Why don’t you go donate to a charity, with your own money and stop the low-key virtue signaling.

I believe in the give zero thing but I just gotta admit, THIS IS CRAZY COOL. Very kind of you.

I appreciate your gesture, but maybe some of us give back in different ways. CONGRATULATIONS :slight_smile:

I turned my car into the Cash Cab. Gave out scratch offs and miniatures for answering trivia questions about the area. So much fun!
Also, a plastic Easter egg hunt over Easter weekend. Candy in all eggs and a $20 in one. To pick an egg you had to do your best dance move in the headlights or bunny hop around the car at drop off. We had a blast and people can’t hop worth a damn after midnight.

I love that…people be mad in these comments like you can’t have fun and love what you do! I’m not obligated to give gifts nor are they obligated to tip, but the world is a little better when these occur :wink: lol

I feel like an ogre now reading these posts. Yesterday i did ride #4000, they got what everyone else does…a safe pleasant ride.

Perhaps you care that there is very little profit margin in this business. Besides Austin is expensive to live in.

I celebrated my 5000th rider with a $25.00 Visa gift card and a card thanking them for making my job a hopeful one :grinning:

They will probably pee their pants or orgasm or something!
Why don’t you give that to your kids or one of your baby daddies?
What if it is that riders very first ride? What significance is your 2000 rides to that person?
To each his own, carry on fool! Do your thing!

Your negativity speaks volumes about your life, and these names and sexist racist assumptions speak the rest. Who cares if it’s their first (which it wasn’t, or their last) you sound ridiculous. My blessings and my money both belong to me! Crawl back under a rock TROLL

when people are wrong it never works. Arguing with me about doing a good thing wont change who I am nor what I choose to do… especially with MY money… Immaturity is his real problem and he looks a little old to still have that mindset smh

I also choose to make ride share fun. It would really bother him to know that I don’t need this money, don’t worry about my gas mileage, don’t mind waiting at the store or Taco Bell! I do this because I care about innocent people being killed by drunk drivers. I love working overnights and taking responsible drinkers home! I would do this for 1/2 the gain.

come across as a straight up ass hole and rascist. Why does she have to have baby daddies?

If that is how someone chooses to celebrate and make someone’s day there is nothing wrong with that.

You however are a big ball of negativity, filled with shit. Sit your trifling ass somewhere and shut the fuck up