My 2 cents worth for today

A simple solution to uber over saturated drivers, make everyone get permit and pay out of pocket, make it 8 year old car not 10, make the car pass a inspection and doesn’t pass car inspection then not eligible for hire! A simple easy solution but uber to stupid to make that happen they rather over saturated the city with more drivers then there are pax.

Or maybe just raise the minimum rating to something like 4.85. This will have the effect of improving the overall rideshare experience for the pax and reduce the number of shitty drivers to compete with.

I remember having to go to the courthouse, inspection , and having that fingerprint background check done for the license. Money was decent that time because not everyone could drive , after hb100 it’s been oversaturated. Was decent again after Harvey but now rental programs are back too

Don’t forget the drug testing. I still have my extinguisher & you had to pay for it. I did get a small discount for doing it in 2 days.

I think all cars should have to make a stop by the hub once a month. Some out her should not be driving especially if the a/c is out.

Agree with the rating also.

Been there done that. Summer just slow. Football season soon all will b well. Almost 4 yrs driving an summer months have always been same.

The market is indeed dynamic. Raising the minimum rating is a measure to quell the hard. If need be, the minimum rating could also be dynamic, fluctuating based upon demand, or anticipated demand. They could send out a message, perhaps before a big event that says something to the effect of, “drivers with a minimum rating of 4.8 will be able to log back in and drive from arbitrary date- arbitrary date. During this time, we encourage you to try to bring your rating up so that you are eligible to drive again during normal operating periods.”

2 things on that. 1 if one isn’t allowed to drive how does one bring the rating up and 2 how does one contest bad ratings? I had someone write in my car was “filthy”. Dust on the floorboard is filthy? :thinking::thinking::thinking: why can’t I send pics right then to show hey, it’s been rainy as hell here
Dust is going to happen. Seats are in good condition and everything else is too. But the floor mats? Come on.

My rating has never dipped below 4.95. I have a hard time understanding how anyone could argue that their extremely low rating isn’t at all their fault. And as I said before, you have a chance to drive when they send you a message stating that their minimum requirement has dropped due to demand. That would be the opportunity to raise your overall rating. We all get the occasional bull-shit negative rating. But that doesn’t happen all the time and your average is based on your past 500 rides, so they get buried pretty quickly.

but you’re assuming most people have had 500 rides. I believe I am at 100 and have a 4.6… I had 2 bad ones that were explained when I gave an equal bad rating. Those 2 fucked me. By your logic, I shouldn’t be allowed to drive and actually in the last 2 weeks the rating has come up from 4.4. So obviously it wasn’t me. How is that fair to me?

The rating system as I understand it gives room for those that are just starting out to continue to operate and improve their average. From what I understand, 4.6 is the cut off. So if you had below a 4.6, it sounds like you were given a pass due to your low number of total rides.

just a couple of weeks ago my rating dropped one point and when I contacted Uber, they couldn’t tell me why. I contacted them on several different occasions and no one could tell me why it went down.

Better yet make all drivers have 24/7 commercial insurance without having to use an app. Since Uber drivers do trips under the table anyway, the state should make it legal. You pay more for commercial insurance via the booking fee that uber keeps 100% if you drive full time. The market would have a true law of supply and demand balance then and customers would probably get better service with experienced drivers who hang around instead of quitting after 6 months.

Guessing everyone thinks it’s oversaturation with Uber and forgets that Lyft is eating up rides from most of the left and quite a few other companies offering similar services. Funny how nobody cared about the cab drivers when Uber destroyed them but not when it affects you it’s a problem…lmao

Taxis we don’t need no stinking taxis lol well I’ve said it once I’ll say it again. There is no way you can tell me that uber and lyft are not in cohorts with each other some way

The analogy is the exact same for taxi vs rideshare. Offering 40-50% off rides to existing customers is what’s killing the pricing/commission’s.

It would help to make the TNC lots bigger…
The more cars waiting for hours keeps them off the streets for me…lol

First UBER destroyed the taxi industry, and then guess who’s next??.. full time drivers, they don’t like us(they don’t like drivers period,but their phase 2 failed), we know too much, we are already passed the “learning curve” believe me ,in some industries people rotation it’s important…

This is probably true. If they were smart though, they would want to quell the herd of only the bad drivers. Safe drivers in nice, clean cars that really know their city are quite valuable.

I really doubt they care about customers here’s why I think that 1.They don’t want fingerprinting as part of their new driver authorization process,and they don’t want nobody else that the state inspect vehicles , they said it’s to make the business more accessible to drivers, but what about the passengers safety?it’s all about saturate the streets with uber cars and make the path easier for the next ones, besides the only fact that now older cars can be uber , that by it self shows a lack of interest on passenger’s safety…