MVP without select premier or black

Kudos - there is nothing wrong with working hard … especially if you have a goal… let’s not get lazy or spoiled … the reality is you do what you got to do… you play the hand that you are dealt. I luv it… don’t matter how she did it… she put in the work and result speak for themselves…

  • Awesome! You just motivated me to grind harder (currently only doing Uber part-time). Thanks for the post. Congratulations!!! You have the drive and determination to be successful at whatever you choose. What kind of car do you have?

Always got that handful that wish it was them and then instead of giving props they come with bs. If y’all got negative to say don’t say anything at all worry bout what you do and how You can get there

Not but it gets under my skin when especially the brothas throw negative at a hard working young lady who by her hard work bruised their ego. I have nothing but good and much respect for anyone who works hard and when a queen does it my level is higher