Most low star ratings comes from lowlife demand to be treated like kings

I feel like i need all the help i can get. I’ve been driving only for a month. i started at 5 stars like everyone else and i dropped down to 3.87 and i don’t even know why. uber even emailed me to tell me they are going to monitor me…i have managed to get my rating back up to a 4.27…i do every uber says to do: keep the car clean and odor free. offer water and mints. i ask them if the a/c is ok. i drive safe and get them to there destination in a timely manner. i have conversations with the riders. I’ve been there tour guide and bell hop…and i still haven’t been able to get back to 5 stars.

why in the hell does Uber even take chances allowing paying passengers to be rated anyway. just take their damn $$$ and move on. Shitty $$$ and friendly $$$ all counts the same in the end

Gotta do something since the rate cuts. Gets me some tips and 5 stars. I would sing for people, but then I might get too many 1 stars and be deactivated.

Same here. I do wear a very tight shirt that rides up and lets my beer gut show. When I know they’re really grossed out, I tell them I’ll cover it up for 5 stars.

Because it helps us avoid the turds at 2am. I got a ping last night from a pax with a 3 rating. “Surely you jest”, I thought, chuckling to myself as the little circle completed its lap on the screen before disappearing.

Uber is not taking any chances with rating of their passengers. They will remain passengers no matter what they are rated. Uber does not dump bad passengers because of their ratings.

It is impossible to get “back to 5 stars” shoot for 4.8, that is above average and shows you are doing it right.

Just do the best you can. It’s a shame that Uber can’t help you out with anything specific. It sounds like you’re a new driver, If you are new then you should know that your rating will fluctuate a lot at the beginning. It’ll level off after you get a few hundred rides under your belt.

You and I are in the same market. My rating is 4.88 after quite a few rides. Lowest it ever went was 4.7 something. I don’t give out water, mints or anything else. I am clean and my car is clean.

I hold doors and load/unload luggage. I talk to people who want to talk and shut up and drive the ones that don’t. That’s it. Clearly something is different between what we are doing. What areas are you working and when?

I can relate. My long term avg is 4.68, but I eeked out at a 4.75 this week. I drive an American car 7 years old and old enough to have proudly voted for Reagan. Question is open - yet I actually intended to direct it to the OP.

I’ve been driving for a month. my car is clean as it can get. i’m polite. I help with luggage. I offer water and mints. I do the best I can with what I got. I have a full time job, so I work Uber on the weekends for extra cash. I mainly work the airport and the port. I’ve done malls a few times.

The ports should provide a decent clientele that hasn’t (usually) been drinking to the point that they are obnoxious and either purposely or accidentally low ball your rating. Are you also working the after midnight bar crowd?

Most of the minor rating dings I’ve received have been the result of equally minor Uber GPS screwups. Must be a BAD BAD driver huh?

You must be joking right? First of all I can’t stand to hear people eat, second of all he has more invested in that row of nonsense then he’ll make all week with Uber. At $0.65 a mile there ain’t no way I would offer them that shit. I offer magazines and free WiFi courtesy of OnStar.