Morning motivation


(Amanda Halen) #1

Good Morning, I didn’t want to post this because of the negative comments that may be said but I decided to post to show that hard works pays off, if you put in the time and work smart you’ll come out on top, this is my first time making 2000+ in a week but it wont be my last. #80hours

(Maurice Nixon) #2

If I could figure out how to do that without passing out in my car I would. And then take a week off! Lol!! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: you go girl!

(Andrew Martin) #3

Lol, Uber Black is a black Tahoe or something similar. They only allowed a few in Atlanta, then stopped accepting them.

(Kimberly Nelson) #4

Great work. Negative people are everywhere you go. If they drive, this should be motivation for the next person, knowing it can be done.

(Sharon Green) #5

Girlllllll, Uber X know they can’t do that unless they have a nice paying $30 plus/ hr job, then Uber afterwards to hit $2,000 in a week.

(Sue Cooper) #6

Ok I’m doing it all wrong I have an xl and I haven’t even made 1000 in a week grant it I’m not pulling in 80 hours either but goodness I sure need to try

(Donna Harris) #7

Shit u did wonderful… U drove Harder then the men well u made more than the men in here… Shit u push me to go strong…

(Michaela Biksacky) #8

This shows that with hustle and grinding you can achieve more. That should be everyone’s take away. If you are hustling for a specific goal/plan then you can reach it. Congrats.

(Sheena Washington) #9

Just tell me how you did it! I only do this part time (casue i have a FT) but need for it to really be benifitial when i do drive

(Brendan Halai) #10

I say kudos… THIS is motivation!! Never let the haters dim your light shine brightly again this is motivation to encourage some of us you never know who needs it. Keep doing your grind as you see it does pay off

(William Murphy) #11

I love it!!! I appreciate you posting this because didn’t think it was truly possibe. My goal is now to achieve that this upcoming month

(Graham Sandy) #12

You have a X vehicle. Yet you sometimes get select hits?? Ain’t your also getting 1,100 trips in one week?? And your not clearing 2k a week??? :thinking:

(Mathew Boolean) #13

It’s no way any one is taking 1,100 trip a week! U would clear 5k every week also that’s 157.14 trips a day and 6.54 trips a hour. Are you sure u take 1,100 trips a week??

(Trish Richardson) #14

Now this is impressive if it’s uber x only I have done $1550 doing 82 hours, she could have done another $300 if she worked more on Thursday and Saturday but damn very nice

(Lance Rodriguez) #15

I hope I don’t count as a hater… I’m super excited with those that pull off huge weeks. I just think we need to be transparent on whether they were driving X, XL or Select. Also about how many hours they drove and how many miles they put on the car. So we don’t have a bunch of people inspired to run 100 hours on X trying to make a week like this!